Zodiac Signs That Make Good And Bad Girlfriends, Ranked Best To Worst

Zodiac Signs That Make Good And Bad Girlfriends, Ranked Best To Worst

1. Sagittarius

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This woman has a lot to offer, she’ll love you long time along with constant caring. Always there for their partners in tough times. Their principles are based on trust and loyalty, they tend to be supportive and great motivators.

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2. Pisces

She may seem shy and quiet when you first meet her. But this is the woman you’ll want to marry when you see how much she’s capable to love you. Pisces are very sensitive people who can feel other people’s emotions.

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3. Capricorn

Since they are very good at guarding their heart, you have to work very hard in order to win them. Once you do win her heart, she’s gonna give her absolute all. They are very supportive and also want to dominate in the relationship.

4. Libra

The kindest of them all. They are very emotional and tend to feel everything in a more deeper way. In a relationship they often forget about their needs because they are so much focused on their partners. Also, they are very social, they enjoy being constantly among people, so having libra as girlfriend can be lots of fun.

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5. Gemini

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This woman has two sides naturally. One is where they can be the sweetest and the best girlfriend you’ll ever have, second one however is the bad one. They will try to hide their dark side, but there is nothing you can do except to accept it. It’s easy to gain their trust and if you lose it it’s impossible to get it back.

6. Aquarius

Aquarius women tend to be little more eccentric, but if you manage to convince them that you truly love them, they can make your life outstanding. Often, they suffer from overthinking, and if you can help them overcome that, they’ll be insanely loyal to you.

7. Leo

Best described as stubborn romantics. Leo’s are not very good at choosing partners, they also have high standards and expectations of their partners, but in return they’ll do anything for them. They tend to get easily hurt but then again, they always appreciate support and understanding and they always try to give back more than they receive.

8. Cancer

Woman of this sign has big heart, but they tend to get hurt often as a result of this character trait. One very big truth about them is that they always care, even if it looks like they don’t. They suffer from trust issues, but if you manage to gain their trust they’ll give you all their love.

9. Taurus

Taurus women are not really relationship people, this is mostly because they like to do their own thing and live their life. They say things straight to your face and don’t like playing around. Also they have a heart-breaking reputation, you might want to keep an eye out for this sign.

10. Aries

They always seem to be tough on the outside but quite sensitive on the inside. Usually they want to move relationships along quickly. Always wanting to be in control of every situation.

11. Virgo

With Virgo often being negative, insecure and jealous people, if you can turn this kind of negativity in a positive thing, they you might want to consider Virgo as a partner. They can be self-destructing when they do something wrong, and it can be extremely difficult to convince them of your love.

12. Scorpio

Scorpios always prefer to be in complete control, also they are scary romantics they might seem cold sometimes, but they are mostly dull. On the bright side they are very honest. So, if you can keep your partners from getting angry, Scorpio might be perfect match for you.

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