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As much as we love gushing about our zodiac signs, we would be remiss in not mentioning some of their less shiny qualities. You have to take the bad with the good, which can be hard sometimes.

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None of us want to stare deep into ourselves and figure out what we’re missing, lacking or hiding. It’s never a fun experience learning things that we don’t necessarily like about ourselves. Sometimes you have to gaze deep inside yourself though, which is why you’re here. Self-improvement comes in many forms. Many of us work tirelessly on our physical appearance thinking that that’s the pinnacle of self-improvement.

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It’s not all about how we look, though. How we think and feel is just as important. Close-mindedness is something that many of us want to improve. How can we expect to do that if we don’t understand what it means for us? Recognizing the ways that we’re close-minded is the first step to improving!

We’ve gone through and figured out how to define the ways that each sign is most likely to be close-minded. It’s not all doom and gloom, though! We’ve also included some tips as to how to change it. Just in case you want to jump on the self-improvement train right away.

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24Aquarius Women: They Sometimes Lose Faith In A Person After A Broken Promise

Aquarius is a sign that loves her friendships. Air signs are some of the most connected signs because they love to chat. They like being emotionally in tune with other people, which usually means they get close to people.

They’re not a sign to invest emotionally in someone who’s not going to reciprocate.

Sharing their innermost thoughts can be tricky for an Aquarius, who needs a level of trust before she can open up. This is why she tends to shut down when faced with a broken promise. Break the trust of an Aquarius and she’ll likely never speak to you again. The good thing? It’s easily changed by talking it over, forgiving the situation, and moving on.

23Aquarius Men: They Tend To Be Wary Of People Who Are Open With Their Messy Emotions

Yes, Aquarians are emotional signs. Air signs are very in tune with their emotions, though they don’t tend to wear them on their sleeves. This is the funny thing about Aquarians. These guys tend to keep their thoughts to themselves unless they totally trust the person they’re talking to.

Even then, they’re not a sign that processes things out loud. This is where the slight judgment comes in. You’re only close-minded in the way that sometimes you need a reminder that people process differently from you.

While you need to be writing things down and figuring things out through conversations with yourself, someone else needs to be crying on a park bench. You can change it by gently reminding yourself that different people need different things, and that’s okay.

22Libra Women: They Often Believe They’re Right

Libras are very good at figuring out problems. They’re able to differentiate between the logical thing to do and the thing that they want to do. They’re good at putting aside their emotions and figuring out what the objectively right choice is.

However, they’re not the most efficient. When a sign like the take-charge Aries comes along and tries to do something their way, Libras can often feel ignored.

Libras tend to think that they know best, which in many situations is true.

Sometimes a Libra needs to go with the flow, though. Use that rational mind to not only figure out what to do but also who might be best to lead the charge to do it.

21Libra Men: They Tend To Think Dishonesty Is A Negative Quality

Along with Libra’s rationality is their ability to keep the peace. In arguments and disagreements, Libras are often the one crying “stop, stop!” rather than picking sides. Peacekeeping is an admirable quality, but it can have a drawback as well.

When you’re so invested in being the Switzerland of your friend group, it can be hard to keep yourself from judging the less neutral parties you might be dealing with. Having a temper and/or wanting to exclusively stick to a plan (both traits Libras don’t possess) can come in handy.

Utilize your desire for fair treatment to treat other people fairly; that will keep those judgments from creeping in!

20Leo Women: They Stick To Their Opinions

Leo women are incredibly strong. Leo as a sign is one of the most outstanding of the zodiac. Not only does Leo have a strong sense of self, but they generally have a solid grasp on their thoughts and opinions about the world.

While this leads to them being able to do incredible things with their creativity and determination, it also means that they can get caught up in their own beliefs.

This can sometimes lead to a kind of close-mindedness against opinions that are not their own. It’s easy to keep in check, though! Listening to others is a great way to combat any potential stubbornness that might be keeping in. Just take a breath and listen.

19Leo Men: They Sometimes Have Difficulty Seeing Their Flaws

Yes, we did say stubborn in that last point. One of the things that’s another hallmark of a Leo is the fact that he can be headstrong (which may also be known as stubborn). This strength of character can be a great thing, but can sometimes get in the way. Self-improvement only comes when we’re willing to look at our flaws.

If the Leo is too stuck in his headstrong ways, sometimes he just doesn’t see his flaws when someone points them out. This isn’t beneficial to self-improvement, unfortunately. Luckily Leos don’t necessarily need to change it; the Leo is a driven and motivated sign, which means he’ll easily and often see his flaws when reflecting on his own.

18Aries Women: They Don’t Like To Waste Time With People Who Don’t Work Hard

Aries is a fiery sign that feels the need to always be working. Whether it’s in a competitive sport or trying to get ahead in school or work doesn’t matter; an Aries just wants to do (and be) the best.

This motivation and go-getting attitude is a great thing to have in life.

Unfortunately, it does mean that she can lack patience with people who don’t work as hard. Those that aren’t motivated aren’t a match for an Aries. It’s easy to change, though, if she’s willing to let things go. Just knowing that not everyone wants to get ahead is a great first step.Featured Today

17Aries Men: They Tend To Have Trouble Being Vulnerable

For hardworking Aries, a vulnerability can sometimes feel like a distraction. When men are told to be strong and tough Aries are usually the ones to take it to heart. Not only is this a real negative for people, but it’s simply not true. We’re only human; we have to be vulnerable sometimes.

While Aries might want to look like they’re in control all the time, trust that you can let yourself be vulnerable. Letting people see you while you’re open and raw is an incredibly brave thing, and we’re sure that people will respect you just as much as they do now.

16Sagittarius Women: They Don’t Usually Get Along With People Who Are Clingy

Sagittarius is a free sign. They love changes and adventure and often find themselves going from new experience to new experience. They’re most satisfied when they’re satiating their curiosity about the world. Making discoveries is important to the Sagittarius.

Clinginess isn’t in their dictionary, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

While they’re not the worst at commitment, they certainly like to retain their freedom. A Sagittarius woman doesn’t always understand the clinginess her friends can take part it. No judgment necessary, though! Everyone has a different way of doing their relationships. The best thing she can do is to be happy for her friends, and keep her independent boundaries clear.

15Sagittarius Men: They Almost Always Speak Their Minds

On top of physical freedom, mental and emotional freedom is also a priority for the Sagittarius. As a Fire sign, they love to experience new people. Making friends is easy for them, which means you’ll usually find them talking to someone.

Sometimes a Sagittarius does end up getting in trouble for what they say. They can’t help it; they’ve got opinions, and they want to express them! While they won’t ever bash someone for holding a different opinion, they can get sometimes get overly insistent that their ideas are right. The best remedy? Knowing when to stop, take a breather, and resume the conversation later.

14Taurus Women: They Respect Goal-Oriented People (And Sometimes Lose Their Patience With Others)

Taurus is the Earth sign everyone loves. They’re almost magnetic in their quiet power, being able to simultaneously command a room and blend into the background as a support. Everyone loves how they easily express their ideas and thoughts, usually using no more words than are necessary.

Taurus is hardworking as well, which automatically makes them respect those other hardworking signs.

They have a tendency to lose patience with people who don’t help themselves, however. Those that aren’t hardworking might find they’re overlooked by Taurus. It’s not their problem! Taurus just sometimes needs to remember that different people need more downtime than her.

13Taurus Men: They Don’t Let Anything Come Between Them And Their Goals

While they’re hardworking, the one thing Taurus has over the other signs is that they know exactly what they want to achieve. They make long, LONG term goals. By planning ahead they know how to divide their time, and don’t feel guilty about taking a day off when they can.

The one drawback? Sometimes they can miss out on opportunities because they’re so focused on their goal. They don’t let anything come between them and their planned achievement. Loosening the reins would be a good thing for the Taurus to do. This will allow them to experience some fun, new things while still working towards their ultimate achievement.

12Virgo Women: They Won’t Put Up With Disrespect

Virgos are some of the most intelligent signs. Not only do they have a great problem-solving brain, but they’re almost always learning something or working on a new project. They crave mental stimulation and don’t understand the idea of taking a day off.

If it was up to Virgo, they’d always be working and learning.

Perhaps it’s due to the sheer motivation they have to succeed and do well that they desire others to recognize their intelligence. It’s not to boost their ego; it’s solely so everyone can get the work done properly. If someone disrespects them, though? Well, Virgos don’t have time for that. Cultivating a little more patience when dealing with those who aren’t as intelligent will go far. Not everyone is able to understand Virgos right away!

11Virgo Men: They Can Sometimes Underestimate People They Perceive To Be Less Smart

In the same way that Virgo doesn’t have time for people who don’t treat them as intelligently as they are, they also don’t have time for those that they think might hold them back. You’ll seldom find a Virgo hanging out with people that they perceive to be “less intelligent”.

They tend to underestimate their work ethic and problem-solving capabilities, making this a poor work (and life) match. This isn’t always accurate, though. Sometimes people can surprise you, which we all know. Our recommendation is for Virgo to try to hold off on making any snap judgments about people. Get to know them first… Then you can judge.

10Capricorn Women: They Can Be Close-Minded About Almost Anything (Until They Try It)

Capricorns are brave, determined, and totally fierce (in a low-key kind of way). They not only have a huge desire to succeed, but they aren’t afraid to work to get it. Their goals are their guiding light.

When they make up their mind to do something you can bet that they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.

This is especially true if it will make them happy! As hardworking as they are, their first reaction to something new is usually hesitation. That is, until they get to know it and love it! Don’t be afraid of new things. Chances are you’re going to grow to love it anyway!

9Capricorn Men: They Tend To Dislike Those Things That Bring Them Out Of Their Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a big thing for Capricorns. They like to stay comfortable and controlled, and almost never step outside of their lines (unless they have to). This might be where that negative Capricorn stereotype comes from. Capricorns are not inherently negative; just cautious.

We don’t think that this hesitation and desire for comfort is a close-mindedness you need to solve, though. If you do want to work on it, gradually try to push yourself out of your comfort zone more and more. The more you grow the easier acceptance of new experiences will be. You might even find you start to desire change and want to push your comfort zone!

8Cancer Women: They Respect Those That Like To Help Others

Cancers are some of the sweethearts of the zodiac. They might seem measured and controlled, but they’re actually some of the deepest feelers. They just don’t show it, which is a common trait with Water signs.

Cancers are all about community and are always ready to help.

They don’t really understand those people who are lone wolfs. In fact, sometimes they’ll even judge people who don’t desire to help others. There are two options Cancer has to work on this. They can either gently ask people to help, or they can take just feel good knowing they’re making a difference. Either way, help is happening!

7Cancer Men: They Sometimes Question People Who Aren’t Close With Their Family

‘Community’ is just another word for family, which Cancer loves. Outside of some extreme cases, on the whole, Cancers are close with their families. They might not let people in emotionally all that often, but they know that family will always be there for them.

Maybe it’s because of this inherent closeness they have that they tend to judge people who aren’t close with their family.

But remember: not everyone has family they want to be close to. Sometimes people’s close friends count as their family. Remember, you can’t always see someone’s community right away. Try to remove the judgment, and know that family takes many different forms; none of which are wrong.

6Scorpio Women: If Someone Breaks Their Trust Once, They Have A Hard Time Believing In Them Again

Scorpios commit 100{4ac6d267e8027f1885d17f2d01dbfdc00057615c2ca138f65fd481e5968c3412} of themselves when faced with a relationship, opportunity, or adventure. While they love committing, they don’t always follow through to the end. Sometimes this is seen in their relationships as well. Unfortunately, Scorpios can be prone to small explosions. They try to keep things in and then… Boom.

This is partially why they let people go so quickly.

Instead of talking out problems as they come up, they tend to bottle their issues up. This goes on until one thing goes wrong (like a broken promise) and they drop the whole relationship like it’s hot. The solution sounds simple (talk things out), but we know it’s hard. It’s okay, Scorpio! You’re doing great.

5Scorpio Men: They Tend To Keep Secrets, But Don’t Always Like When Other People Do

It’s not just the difficult emotions that Scorpio wants to protect people from. Scorpios tend to have secrets that even their closest friends don’t know. It’s not that they want to keep things from people. They actually want to share all their innermost thoughts and feelings! It can be difficult for them to trust, though, which might be why they opt to keep secrets.

The only difficult part about this way of thinking? They often don’t like when other people keep secrets, as it feels like a breach of trust. While that’s certainly true, it’s not the be-all-end-all that it feels like. After all, we’re all entitled to a secret or two. Keep that in mind the next time you stumble across something, Scorpio!

4Pisces Women: They Can Get Caught Up Thinking That Nobody’s Listening To Them

Pisces tend to live in their head a little. Not only do they have a strong imagination, but they also have a rich fantasy life. They love crafting scenarios in their head, which often means they’ve thought about scenarios and solutions to problems longer than other people have.

Unfortunately, due to the internal nature of the Pisces’ processing, few people ever listen.

Pisces can sometimes stay in the background, which means they have to speak even louder to be heard.

Over time they can start to think that nobody’s ever listening; remind yourself that that’s not true. You have value and ideas that deserve to be heard!

3Pisces Men: They Can Be Skeptical Of Criticism

Due to Pisces having a rich imagination, they tend to keep a crafted version of themselves on file in their head. This isn’t a bad thing. This is the Pisces that solves problems, speaks up, and achieves all of their dreams. It’s good to have that motivation. Sometimes, however, it can slip into the Pisces’ real life as well.

They can have difficulty seeing their flaws, even though other people are telling them. The best thing for a Pisces to do is to practice honest self-reflection. Think about what happened in reality, and think about how it’s different from the version in your head. This way Pisces will be able to track potential issues, and fix them before they start!

2Gemini Women: They Don’t Always Believe In The Power Of A Routine

Gemini isn’t like Sagittarius; it’s not a desire for freedom that keeps Gemini from wanting a routine. Gemini has somewhat of a unique personality. They like to keep themselves busy, and often find their attention being pulled in many directions; they just have so much passion that they don’t know what to work on first!

Gemini likes to have many projects on the go.

They’re incredibly impulsive, though, and tend to work on them when they feel like it. Not everyone can be productive in that way, though, Gemini. Many people need structure in order to achieve their goals. Instead of questioning how people get work done when they’re chained to a routine, just keep doing your own thing. Everyone has a different process.

1Gemini Men: They Sometimes Don’t Get Along With People Who Prefer To Be Alone

Gemini is more a team player than you might think. While they appreciate independence, they often like to have other people around as a support system. They understand the value of helping each other, and will never turn down a friend who’s asking for a hand. Due to these values, Gemini might find that they don’t get along well with the ‘lone wolf’ of the office.

Team projects in a Gemini’s world mean doing it together… Not dividing and conquering. Just give it a shot, Gemini. Engage your curious brain and see what this way of working is like. You might find that the ‘lone wolf’ life has some benefits (especially when it comes to those midnight-work-session impulses you tend to have).

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