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Since the days of knights in shining armor, society has taught us that men and women play different roles in the relationship game. Men are supposed to pursue women and show off their strength, bravery, and determination, while women are supposed to be the passive judges, deciding whether a man is worth her time or not. For many reasons, we now know that those gender stereotypes within relationships do more harm than good. While men feel like they have to go to extreme lengths to win someone’s heart, women feel like they can’t make the first move when they’re interested in someone. And worse, some men feel like a woman’s lack of interest means that she just wants to be chased.

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You should never put up with that kind of persistence from someone you’re not interested in, whoever you are. But sometimes when we are interested in another person, we try not to come off too strong because we don’t want to scare them away. And in those situations (where it’s still obvious that there are feelings there), some men will be inclined to show more interest, while others will back off completely. Read on to find out which signs of the zodiac like to be the pursuers, and which signs just don’t have the patience.

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16Fire: These Signs Love A Challenge

The fire signs of the zodiac—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius—are extremely courageous and persistent. They have a habit of chasing whatever they want in life and can be pretty persistent, so you have to be pretty firm with them if you don’t want to be pursued. While some guys might take a hint, these guys get caught up in taking on a new challenge and aren’t the best at reading people.

Sometimes, they’re even more enticed by the idea that they have to work for something they want, which is why playing hard to get usually works with the fire signs.

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They don’t like anything to be too easy since they love fireworks and all things dramatic. The fire signs are usually your typical alpha males, but that doesn’t give them an excuse to chase you if that’s not what you want. Play a little hard to get if you do want to be chased, but if you’re not interested at all, make it very clear because they can get the wrong idea.

These signs don’t like to be told “no” and they’re quite passionate, so there’s a chance they won’t take it well if you are going to reject them. Prepare yourself for a strong reaction either way.

15Aries: He Loves A Good Chase

The Aries zodiac sign is very likely to chase or pursue the person he’s interested in. This sign is very confident in himself and believes that he can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. Being passionate and impulsive, there’s nothing he won’t do to catch the eye of the person he’s interested in. If he can tell that you like him too, he’ll bring out the grand gestures like elaborate gifts and long text message threads. The problem with Aries is that he can’t always tell what’s going on in your head, so if you aren’t interested in him and aren’t just playing hard to get, you have to clearly tell him. Otherwise, he won’t leave you alone.

But like a typical fire sign, he is actually excited at the idea of having to work hard for something he wants, because it leaves him with a feeling of pride and satisfaction. He loves the opportunity to show off what he’s got and prove that he’s worthy of his goals. That’s why this is a sign that usually responds well to people playing hard to get with him. He takes the bait every time, and sometimes, it makes him interested when he wasn’t before.

14Leo: The Chase Will Be About His Ego, Not You

Like a true fire sign, Leo loves a chase. Anything that poses the slightest challenge entices him because a lot of what he does is influenced by his ego. If there’s something he can do to make him feel even better about himself, he’ll always choose to do it. This sign is also very proud, so not only will he be persistent with you and take the lead in the early stages of the relationship, but he’ll want everyone to know about it too. He’s actually more likely to be interested in someone who gives him a lot of work to do because he’s all about those opportunities to show off and win a heart.

If this was still the Middle Ages, Leo would thrive as a knight trying to impress a maiden.

That’s not to say that Leo is automatically not interested in someone who is very keen on him. But if you don’t like to put yourself out there like that and would rather be sure that he feels the same way first, you can try pulling back and letting him do the chasing in the beginning. And like the other fire signs, if you actually aren’t interested, spell it out for him.

13Sagittarius: There Won’t Be A Chase

While Aries and Leo represent the passionate and impulsive nature of the fire signs, Sagittarius marches a little more to the beat of his own drum, so to speak. He is still an impassioned sign who follows his instincts and loves a challenge, but he is much more easy-going than the other two fire signs. Being so optimistic, he believes that there is plenty of fish in the sea, and he doesn’t really need to work too hard to gain the heart of one fish in particular. If something is proving to take up too much of his time, he tends to leave it be and get on with his life.

Of course, if Sagittarius is really interested in someone, he might try a few times to land that date. He might be the first one to call or text afterward. But if he gets the message that you’re not keen, he won’t want to keep putting himself out there. He’s ambitious, but not to the extent of Leo or Aries, so he’s much more likely to accept defeat and move on. While he is still headstrong, he’s a little shyer when it comes to trying to pursue a potential date.

12Earth: If You Want These Signs, Don’t Run

The earth signs are pretty different to the fire signs when it comes to dealing with those who play hard to get. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are very ambitious and hard workers in many areas, but not when it comes to love. They put effort into relationships once they have them, but they don’t exert themselves until they know for sure that they’re going to get something out of it. These signs are usually career-minded or focused on a million other things, and aren’t likely to dedicate too much time to something like a love interest, especially if that love interest is playing mind games.

So the bottom line is don’t bother playing hard to get if you’re interested in one of the earth signs.

They’re not enticed by the challenge the way the fire signs tend to be and place much more value on things like honesty and integrity. Plus, the earth signs tend to be much shyer and less outgoing than the fire signs, and rejection hits them a little harder. That means that they’re less likely to pursue something that they don’t see any future in. Intelligent and calculating, these signs always think of the future and do what they can to minimize pain and embarrassment.

11Taurus: He’ll Only Chase You If He Knows He’s Going To Win

Taurus tends to be a little more sociable than the other earth signs. The Bull is agreeable and friendly, and is likely to put in more effort to his relationships than Virgo or Capricorn. That said, he’s still got that earthly intelligence and sound reasoning, and doesn’t like to put in that effort unless he knows it’s going to be worth it in the end. If he can tell you’re just toying with him like a kitten on a string, you can forget about him bothering to chase you. But if you’re still making it obvious that you have feelings, while not being too in his face, he’s more likely to be intrigued.

Because Taurus doesn’t like drama, he’s not likely to be pushy or overbearing the way some other signs can be. When he gets the slightest hint that you aren’t actually into him, he’s out of the picture. The key is to let it be known that you’re interested without doing the chasing yourself. That way, he’ll evaluate the situation and decide that it’s safe to call or text you first or be the one to ask you out, without a huge risk of getting rejected and hurt.

10Virgo: He Doesn’t Play Any Games, Including Chasing

There’s one thing to understand about Virgo, and that’s the fact that he doesn’t like to play games. Especially where relationships are concerned, there’s no way this sign is going to offer up his heart as a bargaining tool. What’s more, he values honesty and being straightforward, and finds it hard to respect people who don’t reflect that. He’s good at reading people, so if he can tell that you’re not really interested in him, he won’t want to chase you out of respect for you and himself. And if it’s clear that you do want him, he’s likely to be turned off by the fact that you can’t just come out and say it.

This is one of the signs that we wouldn’t recommend being purposely distant from.

You don’t have to come on too strong and overwhelm him, of course, but don’t be afraid to make the first move. There’s a high chance he’ll have even more respect for someone who takes control from time to time. It’s not immediately obvious, but this sign can suffer from a very low self-esteem because he’s so overly critical of himself, so there’s little to no chance that he would risk being rejected.Featured Today

9Capricorn: This Sign Only Chases His Career

Capricorn is no stranger to ambition. In fact, he’s the most ambitious sign in the zodiac. No mountain is too high for him to climb, and no amount of work is too much for him to complete if it means getting what he wants. The only thing is all that usually applies to his work life. Capricorn has the most career potential in the zodiac, and he didn’t end up that way from spending all his time chasing love interests. This sign only has so much energy, and because he takes so much on at work, he wants his love life to be simple and stress-free.

Like the other earth signs, Capricorn secretly fears rejection, which makes him less likely to want to pursue someone who doesn’t appear interested in him. While some signs look at a person playing hard to get and say, “Challenge accepted!”, Capricorn immediately removes them from his mind and chooses not to spend another second worrying about it. Not only does he doubt himself sometimes and believe that he won’t end up winning a heart anyway, but he also picks his battles. He’s more than happy to take on challenges at work, but in his spare time, he wants things to be a breeze, including his relationships.

8Air: These Signs Get Bored When Things Become Too Hard

In the beginning, the air signs love a challenge. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are quite excitable, so the thought of pursuing something they care about appeals to them. They typically don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t too dedicated to any specific area of their life, so they don’t see the harm in pursuing someone who takes their fancy. But after a while, they tend to give up. These signs usually have the smallest attention spans in the zodiac and can get bored very easily.

If they feel like they’re not getting anywhere with you, they’ll call it quits pretty quickly.

A lot of the time, they’ll move on when they find someone else. These signs don’t like to be bored, so they might not give up until they have something else to focus on. That being said, they get frustrated when they aren’t able to accomplish things they set their minds to. With the air signs, it’s okay to be a little distant and hard to get, but you don’t want to put them through a darn obstacle course. Anything too hard, too complicated or too drawn-out will make them lose interest, so it’s a good idea to find that balance between remaining mysterious but also meeting them halfway.

7Gemini: He’ll Chase You Until He Sees Someone Else He Likes

Gemini is passionate and impressionable, and thinks just about everything is a good idea when he first hears it. If he gets it in his head that he wants to go out with you, he might keep asking, even after you’ve played it cool and told him you’ll think about it. But as soon as he sees someone else that interests him, he’ll forget about chasing you and turn his attention to them. This sign has something of a monkey brain and doesn’t like to focus on the same thing for too long, especially if he’s not getting anywhere with it.

At times, a Gemini can be impulsive and doesn’t have the best track record where patience is concerned. Unless he’s in deep love with someone, he doesn’t have the stamina to keep getting rejected over and over again. He believes that life is there to be lived, and he doesn’t like to spend too much time worrying about the future when he could be living in the moment. In other words, if he’s not having a good time chasing someone and he’s not getting any affection from them back, sooner or later he’ll get fed up and think, “What’s the point?”

6Libra: The Chase Won’t Last For Ever

Being a romantic and proud of it, Libra is happy to bring out some old-school romance and pursue someone he’s interested in. He enjoys those initial stages of a relationship where everything is totally anxiety-inducing and he gets to bring out his best moves for his date. But this sign is very good at balancing out the pros and cons of every situation. Although he can be passionate and impulsive when he gets carried away by love, he’s not stupid. And he also knows he can have pretty much anyone he wants thanks to his charm. If he can tell it’s going nowhere, he’ll move onto the next one.

In the beginning, he loves the idea of a cat-and-mouse-like chase.

He can be very old-fashioned and idealistic, so he usually has no problem playing the role of the chaser or pursuer. But he’s also not a sucker for punishment, and if you don’t eventually throw him a bone, he’s out. It’s best not to send mixed messages to this sign and to be clear with him if you don’t want him because if he gets the sense that he’s getting somewhere with you, he’ll replenish his energy and keep chasing.

5Aquarius: You’ll Be The One Chasing Him

If you’re thinking about playing hard to get with Aquarius, think again. You might have heard the advice that you can’t play hard to get with a guy that’s hard to get, and that totally applies to this sign. Aquarius is usually the one being cool and distant, and it’s not because he’s trying not to come off too strong, but because he genuinely likes to move at a slow pace and keep his options open for as long as possible. Though he’ll appreciate distance more than a partner who smothers him, his attention will wander elsewhere if it seems like you have no interest in him at all.

With Aquarius, playing hard to get doesn’t work because then there’s no one left to move the relationship forward. Those who have feelings for this sign usually have to step up and be the one to direct the relationship so that it continues to grow. It can be a bit tricky getting the balance just right, because he doesn’t respond well to someone who is too dominating, controlling or in a rush. You can’t scare him away by putting pressure on him, but you do have to be the one to suggest going out or text him first.

4Water: There Might Be A Bit Of A Chase, But It Won’t Be A Marathon

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, otherwise known as the water signs, can be pretty emotional and intense characters. They make decisions based on what’s going on inside their hearts rather than what’s going on inside their heads, and so they don’t always do what makes sense. Because of this, they might pursue someone who plays hard to get, even if you’re only dangling them along until you figure out how you really feel about them. Even when they know they shouldn’t be doing something, they’ll keep it up if their emotions tell them to do it.

Because there are so many emotions involved with the water signs, it’s always a good idea to be straight with them and tell them how you’re feeling.

Being sensitive signs, they might be hurt if you reject them, but that’s so much better than making false promises you can’t keep. Stringing them along would be cruel to any sign, but it’s especially so with these guys because they are that little bit more fragile. And if they have strong feelings for you, they might choose to ignore the clues that you don’t like them back. That’s why you have to just stand up and tell them.

3Cancer: He’ll Chase You The First Mile…

For Cancer, it’s basically impossible not to follow his heart. That’s why when he wants something or someone, he’ll usually make a lot of effort to call them his. He can’t help putting his heart on the line, even if it looks like it takes him a while to come out of his shell. If you give him any indication that you’re interested, he’ll get excited and start making slow movements in pursuit of your heart. However, there’s only so much rejection this sensitive sign can handle. If you let the game go on too long and don’t finally meet him halfway, he could get really frustrated and not only give up but hold it against you.

Whenever you get involved with Cancer, you’re never going to get away totally scot-free. Someone will always get hurt because he puts so much effort and energy into following his heart. He might also have a hard time accepting that you don’t want him back if that’s what you decide. If you do have feelings for him, you can be open about them and he won’t be scared off. He loves the opportunity to be honest and intimate with someone special, so the hard-to-get route isn’t the only way to hook his interest.

2Scorpio: He Will Chase You To The End Of The Earth

If you’re playing hard to get around Scorpio, you better put your running shoes on! This sign is the most intense of the water signs and takes everything seriously. Bait him to chase you, and he won’t think twice about it. He’s very serious about getting what he wants, so you really want to make sure you’re not playing games with him if you’re not interested in him. This is one sign who wears his heart on his sleeve and won’t rest until he has what he set out to get. He’s another one you have to be firm and clear with because sometimes, he can misconstrue a genuine lack of interest for just playing hard to get.

And if there’s one person you don’t want after you when you’re not interested in them, it’s Scorpio.

In a way, this sign can be a little obsessive and totally dedicated to proving himself and earning what he wants. He’s not scared of work, so if you do want to play it cool and let him chase you for a while, he won’t get frustrated and give up the way other signs might. Scorpio is also very charming, so it’s pretty difficult to be cool for too long. Sooner or later, you’ll just want to tell him how you feel.

1Pisces: This Sign Doesn’t See The Point In Chasing You

Pisces is a free spirit and craves intimacy in a relationship. Like some of the other signs in the zodiac, he doesn’t really have time for mind games when it comes to love, so he’s less likely to be persistent in pursuing someone who appears to be not interested. Even if he can tell that you really are interested and you’re just trying to play it cool, it’s likely that he won’t want to go down that road with you because you don’t seem honest enough. The thing about Pisces is that he’s empathic and excellent and reading other people, so he’ll be able to tell whether you’re playing hard to get, or genuinely not interested.

One of the main reasons that Pisces doesn’t feel inclined to chase others is because he hates it when people chase him. He prefers to be able to move at his own pace. Of course, he’s still very affectionate and likes people to show him how much they want him, and he’s willing to do that back, but he doesn’t have time for the whole dishonesty thing. To him, there are other ways to go about showing somebody how much you’re into them, without having to maintain the charade of chasing someone who’s “not interested”.

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