Zodiac Sign How Cancer Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign’s Love Life (Single & Taken) 1 month ago103 views28 min read

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With the beginning of a new Zodiac season, comes new hope for love. Whether you’re already living the dream with your lover, or are on the hunt for someone, things are about to change for you.

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That’s why we’re reached out to our Zodiac expert at TheTalko to figure out how the Cancer season will affect each sign’s love life. We’ve studied the astronomical shifts in the universe and how it’s about to impact each Zodiac’s personal relationships. Whether your single or taken, get ready for some changes to hit you soon.

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While we can’t guarantee that it will be smooth sailing for you this season, we will let you know what to expect exactly to keep an eye out for. It’s critical that you don’t ignore our advice and instead take it into consideration once you notice things coming a little off course than usual. Your love life’s future lies in your hands. Only you have the power to find the best course of action this Cancer season.

While we all want to find love and be adored, we have to be willing to put in the work. If you’re in a relationship, stay up to date with your partner’s life to see if any of their patterns begin to change. If you’re single, be prepared to work hard at putting yourself out there to come across your dream lover. Everything will eventually come to you as long as you remain patient!

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24Aries Single: Things Are About To Get Better

You’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to finally get the chance to meet someone really special. You haven’t been in a significant relationship for a long time and just can’t wait to find your soul mate. Luckily for you, the storm seems to be passing, as your love life is about to get better. While we don’t have exact details, we can promise that everything you’ve been waiting for is finally coming around!

Keep living your life as you usually do, as there are no huge steps you have to take. Just be patient and prepare to meet a special someone to hit it off with. We know you might be a little hesitant to figure out if you’re ready or not, but we guarantee that you are!

If you think that perhaps you already met this special someone, then work on getting to know each other a little better to build a relationship!

There’s no reason to look for someone new if you already have a viable catch right in front of you. See where things go with your new love interest. But, most importantly, make sure to act like yourself. You don’t want to put on a mask for someone new. Instead, embrace this positive energy you’re about to be hit with this season!

23Aries Taken: Invest More Time Into Your Love

We’re happy to let you know that this Cancer season is full of happiness in your relationship. You and your boo have been together for what seems like forever, so it’s nice to finally be able to savor your strong bond.

Even though everything is smooth sailing for you this Cancer season, you still have to put energy into your relationship. It’s time for the both of you to really start strengthening your bond while everything is calm and happy. Neither of you will have the time to focus on re-building your bond when a conflict comes around.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you and your partner take the time to invest into one another. Show them you truly care by offering even more of your precious time to them. A great way to connect even more with one another is by finding some activities to do with each other. Try signing up for a class together, whether physical or mental. It truly doesn’t matter what the both of you decide to do together, as long as you stick to each other and offer your time.

While investing your time back into your relationship, take a few moments to really reflect on what you have. Not everyone is as lucky as you to find someone who truly cares for them. And sometimes we lose sight of the wonderful relationship and partner we have!

22Taurus Single: Past Relationships Will Come Back Into The Picture

Be prepared for some familiar faces from your past relationships to enter back into the picture. While we can’t tell you whether this will be a positive or negative experience, we can tell you that you should be prepared.

Sadly, there are no new love sightings for you this Cancer season. Instead, some old potential lovers will try to jump back into your life. You’re going to have to take some time to figure out whether you should try to re-ignite the flame with these people, or whether it’s never going to work out. Remember that this is your own decision and that no one will get in your way of figuring it out!

If you feel confident enough to re-kindle this past relationship, then go for it!

There’s no one stopping you from getting a second shot at love with someone who you never thought it would work out with.

If instead, you feel that a relationship with someone from your past would never work out, then stick your ground. Kick this person out of your life for good and make it clear that you have no interest in starting something again. It’s critical that you do this if you were heartbroken by this person in the past. There’s no reason to start something up again with someone who hurt you.

21Taurus Taken: Question What’s Really Going On

While everything in your relationship seems to be going smoothly, it’s time that you really question what’s going on. Is everything actually going okay with you and your lover? Or are you just suppressing the larger issue at hand?

We can guarantee you that your relationship won’t continue to move smoothly if you keep trying to ignore the elephant in the room. Deep within your heart, you know what’s wrong in your relationship, and the Cancer season is really time to shed light upon this issue.

Remember that it’s not worth it to stay in a relationship in which you aren’t fully satisfied. You shouldn’t be weighing out the pros and cons of being with someone. There must be a bond between the both of you that is passionate about one another. If you ever catch yourself questioning if you truly love the person or not, there’s a high probability you don’t.

Stay true to what’s within your heart and follow what you think is right. Don’t just stay in a relationship because you’re terrified of being alone. If that’s the case, then you totally know what you have to do. Put yourself, and your future happiness first before stressing over having someone there for you. You’re stronger than that!

20Gemini Single: The Stars Are In Your Favor

You should thank the universe as the stars are in your favor this Cancer season. Be prepared to experience the love you could only dream about as it’s about to enter into your life.

Just because the universe is letting you finally experience love, doesn’t mean you can just sit back and relax. There’s still a ton of work that you must do on your end in order for you to find love.

First, it’s absolutely necessary that you put yourself out there. Your dream love isn’t going to simply knock on the door unless you fall in love with your delivery person. Rather, you have to make sure to spend as little time at home as possible.

Throw yourself out there and start to experience life a little more. You’ll be surprised as to where you’ll finally meet a special someone.

Take up every opportunity you have to go to parties, bars, concerts, festivals, or even just walking your dog. It’s absolutely critical that you take up new opportunities and meet other people. If you’re still in school, join a few clubs or sports teams. Maybe, attend some of your school events. If you’re working full time, get involved in some of the office activities or figure out a way to go on a mini business trip. Don’t be scared to put yourself out in the world to meet someone special.

19Gemini Taken: Are The Risks Worth The Reward?

You’ve noticed that lately either you or your partner are acting a little off. It’s totally because they’re questioning if their relationship is worth it and perhaps if there are better opportunities out in the world. Whether you’re satisfied in your relationship or not, you’re going to have to figure out if the risks of leaving are worth the reward.

Remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. What the analogy means is maybe you’re much better off with your partner. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find someone and build such a strong connection as you already have. Just because there’s a certain aspect of your partner that you aren’t exactly crazy about, doesn’t mean you should let them go.

Instead, try to work it out with your lover, as the risk of leaving may not be worth the reward. If instead, you feel within your heart that you would be absolutely happier on your own, then leave. There’s no point in staying in a relationship if you’re miserable. It might be time for you to hit the plunge and leave your partner.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to take the time to figure out whether the risk of leaving is worth the reward of greater potential happiness.

18Leo Single: Your Happiness Will Depend On You

You’ve been totally feeling blue lately thinking you’ll never meet the perfect someone for you. While we don’t see a new love opportunity for you in the near future, we have to say it’s for the best.

You’ve been obsessing for someone new to bring you out of this funk your feeling. However, we must tell you that falling in love won’t just bring you never-ending happiness. You’re going to have to work hard on your own and figure out what it is you have to do to find your inner happiness. This all depends on you and your ability to reconnect with yourself and find meaning in your life.

Stop obsessing over an external power bringing you happiness and find it on your own. There’s no point for you to jump into a relationship, as it’ll eventually crumble down with your lack of stability.

Learn to be happy with your life without a partner constantly there.

This is a critical step you have to learn in order to live the meaningful life you always desired. We’re confident you have the power in you to peruse what makes you happy, rather than waiting for someone to make you happy.Featured Today

17Leo Taken: Overprotectiveness Will Take A Hold

As the protective Leo that you are, you’re about to go tunnel vision this season on your partner, as you feel threatened. However, you must take the time to figure out if your overprotectiveness is derived from a threat being present, or just jealousy.

There’s a large change that someone new has indeed entered the picture of your relationship and you’re beginning to become worried. It’s a common emotion experienced at least once throughout a significant relationship. However, if you trust your partner then you have absolutely nothing to worried about. Yet, if you don’t trust them, then that’s a whole other story.

There’s no point in being overprotective with a person who isn’t loyal to you. You shouldn’t be trying to stop someone from cheating, as you don’t deserve to go through that.

However, if instead, you’re feeling overprotective this season because you’re jealous of another person, it’s time to make some changes. You should be confident and stop comparing yourself to other. This is truly unhealthy and will only lead your partner to not feel like you trust them. Take some time to appreciate the awesome relationship you have right in front of your eyes and that most likely there are no threats lurking around.

16Virgo Single: This Season Isn’t For You

While Cancer season is full of love for some, it isn’t for you. Sadly you won’t be meeting your dream lover this summer, however, we must remind you that everything will work out eventually in your favor.

Stop stressing over the fact that you’re still alone, as this negative energy totally isn’t attracting anyone new to you. Potential partners can sense your obsessiveness to find someone soon in order to not still be alone. This totally isn’t the vibe anyone is looking for this summer.

Carefree attitudes are hitting the town this summer, and many people aren’t looking for forever love.

That’s why you’re out of luck this summer since you’re looking to settle down while everyone around you is letting loose. While you may be lucky to come across a summer fling, there’s a high probability it won’t go on into September.

Instead, stop stressing for love and your dream romantic relationship. Spend this time reflecting on your own life and being grateful for everything you already have! These are the exact steps you should be taking rather than being bummed over your lack of love. Let loose this summer and experience some good times with your best friends with no care for what’s to come.

15Virgo Taken: You’re Too Attached To Your Partner

You have ultimately reached the stage in your relationship where you are head over heels and addicted to your partner. While we totally understand that your stomach is filled with butterflies, you’re starting to become way too dependent on your lover.

This Cancer season is totally going to show you what we’re talking about, as you’ll find yourself stuck in some turmoil based on your obsession. We understand that you’re deeply in love, but you shouldn’t be this dependent on your partner.

Take some time these next couple of weeks to make sure that your happiness isn’t based on your significant other. Remember that you’re an independent person who shouldn’t base their life around their partner. If you stay this addicted to your partner, the universe is going to throw you a ton of issues for you to get out of this unhealthy mindset.

Instead, give your partner some space to also take a hold of their lives. We can almost guarantee you that your obsessiveness over your partner isn’t strengthening your relationship. Instead, you’re being seen as crazy and obsessive. While we know your intentions, make sure your partner also has some space to breathe and think on their own.

14Libra Single: You’re Just In Luck

We know it feels like absolutely forever since you’ve found yourself in a caring and loving relationship. We’re happy to announce that your wait is over as your dream boo is just around the corner.

You’ve been incredibly patient these last months on your own. You’ve managed to instead focus on yourself and your own well being, rather than obsessing over the fact that you were alone. The universe was able to see you possess such positive energy and has decided to thank you for this Cancer season.

Get ready to finally experience love with someone who will respect you tremendously. We know you’ve been waiting for this moment so we hope all of your expectations are fulfilled.

We do have to warn you that in order for your new relationship to succeed, you must maintain the principles you’ve developed on your own.

Make sure to put yourself first in any situation that you find yourself in. Always follow your own dreams and pursuits and don’t change any of your goals just because of another person.

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll end up running off into the sunset and living happily ever after with this person, we can promise you that you’ll always have you. That’s why it’s critical that you stay true to yourself and follow your dreams!

13Aquarius Single: Let Go And Let Love Find You

It’s time for you to lose all of the negative energy you’ve been holding onto from past relationships. You’re still not totally over what went down and are just dreaming of finding someone new to take the pain away. This is a terrible method, as you’re never going to get over the past by masking it away with someone new.

Instead, it’s time for you to take the time and focus on yourself. Forget about all of your old conflicts and let go of past aggression. There’s no point on holding on to this negative energy as it’s not what you need.

It’s time for you to make a few promises to yourself that you’re going to focus on what’s really going on in your life.

Take the time to truly fall back in love with yourself and the future you. Invest your energy into bettering your skills, having a more positive attitude, and perusing your passions. No matter how much someone loves you, they will never be able to help you reconnect with yourself.

That’s why it’s time to slow down and fall in love with yourself instead of waiting around for someone to sweep you off your feet. Your dream lover will find you on their own as soon as you become stable and confident in yourself.

12Aquarius Taken: Frequencies Will Be Off

The Cancer season is taking control of every Zodiac’s frequency and switching it up to create some changes. That’s why you need to be prepared for you and your lover’s normal frequencies to be completely off. You won’t feel as connected as you usually are and may become upset over what’s going on.

Yet, this is a crucial test to your relationship in order to figure out if you and your partner have what it takes to stay loyal to one another even while your energies are off.

We recommend that you stay calm during the experience instead of worrying about what’s going on. Be the stable foundation of your relationship that your lover can rely on during this difficult time. This may be immensely hard on them as their whole world feels like it’s falling down.

If you and your partner have cultivated a strong love that is able to withstand even a hurricane, this experience will be a piece of cake. Trust in yourself and your partner to work through anything that is thrown your way. Don’t just simply give up on the relationship you’ve built just because it’s starting to get tough. This is the perfect opportunity to take a look at what’s really going on.

11Libra Taken: Others Will Try To Bring Your Relationship Down

You and your lover have been experiencing some endless love recently that you could only dream about. Sadly, it’s only time for some external forces to try to enter your relationship and begin to take control.

While it might seem like the end, it doesn’t have to be. Knowing that others may try to bring down your relationship this Cancer season gives you time to prepare.

Figure out any loose ends within your relationship. Whether between the two of you, on your end, or on your lovers. There’s some unfinished business that you and your partner need to handle before the whole world because aware of it. If you’ve been keeping any secrets from your partner, it’s time to bring them to light. This makes the process so much easier to tackle any issues now rather than others bringing them up. Don’t think that you can hide everything from your partner.

Even though some rough waters are on their way, remember that you and your partner are a team. No one can get in the way of both of you since you’re always there for one another. Take the Cancer season as a time to figure out any outstanding conflicts within your relationship that must disappear for good.

10Scorpio Single: Take Things Super Slow

You’ll be ecstatic this Cancer season to find yourself with a new romantic prospect. The universe knows you’re ready to enter into a serious relationship as you’ve finally gotten most of your life in order. You’ve proven yourself to be competent enough to handle a significant other.

While you finally feel ready to be a part of a loving relationship, it’s critical that you still take things slow. During the Cancer season, frequencies are way off and this may get in the way of your newfound relationship.

While the both of you may be head over heels for each other, take things slow, as your partner may not be ready enough to go at your speed.

There’s no rush to get involved with one another, as there’s no finished line. If all of your friends around are in serious relationships, are getting married, or you just feel like it’s time for you to settle down, don’t go too fast.

Your new partner may get a little spooked at the quick rate your taking things. This will totally make then question if you’re actually into them or are just terrified of being alone. Make them feel comfortable by going at their pace and letting them make the first moves on cornerstones in your relationship.

9Scorpio Taken: Focus On Your Relationship And Nothing Else

Your relationship is flying high and well entering the suspenseful Cancer season. While many relationships around you are finding themselves in some sticky situations, you, on the other hand, are doing incredibly well.

Even though you might feel like you’re totally killing it at being a couple compared to everyone around you, you still have some dirty baggage weighing you down. That’s why it’s time to truly focus on your relationship and making it stronger. Trust us when we tell you it’s way easier to build a bond between two people when they’re in love rather than when they’re at war with one another.

Analyze anything that might be off in your relationship and stay focused on rebuilding your bond. If you feel as if you and your partner are having some issues communicating with one another, then try to be more transparent. If you feel as if you two don’t participate in many romantic activities, then set a date night.

It’s not that difficult to get your relationship into a better state. Simply sit down with your partner and figure out the areas that need improving. Once you do, simply improve those areas for the better. We know you and your partner are capable of becoming even stronger as a couple!

8Sagittarius Single: Someone New Will Enter Into The Picture

Your single life has totally been getting boring recently. You’ve been getting too much take-out alone, watching excessive romantic movies, and overall being in a negative mood. You’re almost convinced that all of your friends are coupled off and you’re the only one left alone.

While you aren’t exactly actively looking for someone new, be prepared for having a special someone enter the picture.

We know you’re ready to jump headfirst into this new relationship, as you’ve just been alone for way too long.

However, remember that your life isn’t going to change tremendously now that you’re coupled up.

If you truly want to make some major changes in your life, it’s going to depend on you. Whether you want to improve your career, family, or overall lifestyle, the power is in your hands. Don’t be scared that just because you’re in a new found relationship that you have to change any aspects of your life. Instead, make sure to pursue any goals you already have set!

Your partner will for sure be supportive that you keep trying to reach any dreams you have. This is also a perfect opportunity to learn about your partner’s goals and if there is any way you can contribute to one another.

7Sagittarius Taken: Get Ready For Some Huge Changes

Everything that you have once known and have been confident about is going to change tremendously. The Cancer season isn’t leaving anyone behind and is ready to stir up some trouble.

Sadly, this means that your relationship is about to be under fire, as you’ll have to make some significant decisions. It feels like everything you once knew about life and love is a complete lie. This will take immense strength from within to figure out how to keep going and making things work.

Whether you and your lover are able to make it through this storm depends on the relationship you already have. If you happen to be single by the end of it all, know that it’s for the best. Your relationship didn’t have the strength and longevity it needs to precede into the future.

It’s time for you to focus on yourself and getting your priorities back in order. Some major soul searching may come about, and deep within, you know it’s time. Take the time to figure out what you truly desire in life and set some principles for yourself. It’s never too late to make some changes in your life as you have the ultimate strength to do so.

6Capricorn Single: Give Someone The Shot To Prove Themselves

We couldn’t be happier that you’re already content with life. While many single people are constantly on the search for a new partner, you’re pretty happy with how your life is going. You’re smart enough to realize that your happiness and prosperity depends on you yourself rather than being coupled up.

You don’t need a significant other to depend on, as you are all you need. We wish every person could have this awesome strength that you do and adore your outlook on life.

Even though you don’t exactly have your eyes open for a special someone, maybe it’s time to give someone a chance. A certain special someone is about to come into your life, and they are totally interested in you.

You may feel completely out of your element having to mingle with someone new, but we believe it’s best for you.

Give this person a shot to prove him or herself! Maybe they’ll have the exact elements that you’ve been looking for to complete a certain aspect of your life. If you still don’t feel a vibe, then let them go. The important thing is not to settle down with someone, but rather just to give new opportunities a shot.

5Pisces Single: Prepare For The Love You Dreamed About

We have wonderful news for your Pisces! Be prepared to experience your dream relationship during this Cancer season. You’re about to be swept away by Prince Charming who’s absolutely obsessed with you.

Since you’ve recently been through some hardships in life, it’s time that the universe grants you some wonderful experiences. The stress that you’ve been under is about to disappear as you learn to let loose and connect with a special person. You’ll completely feel as if you’re transforming into a new person. This is the perfect time for you to reconnect with what truly makes you happy alongside your new special someone.

Get ready for the summer romance that you’ve always dreamed up. With the weather warming up, so is your love life. Try not to throw yourself fully at this new lover. We couldn’t understand more how thrilled you are to fall in love but take your time. Experience every moment with all of your senses in appreciation.

Let loose and experience some wonderful new opportunities together!

We couldn’t be happier for you. You’ll finally have the chance to run away into the sunset with this special someone who absolutely adores you. The universe is totally on your side for this one!

4Pisces Taken: It’s The Best Time To Build Your Bond

Lucky for you, the Cancer season isn’t looking to take its anger out on you. While everyone else’s love life seems to be in distress, yours is doing pretty well.

Take the next little while to spend some quality time with your lover and reconnect. Your busy year has been pretty hectic and you can totally feel that it’s time to relax. Consider going on a romantic mini-vacation to re-ignite that chemistry that brought you together in the first place.

Most of all, give your partner some love this season to thank them for everything they do for you. It means absolutely everything to know that you always have a special someone by your side when things get tough. You’re totally lucky that your partner has always managed to stick by your side through everything.

If you feel as if some parts of your relationship have been getting dull, simply spice them up again! Figure out some fun date ideas that have both of you thinking on your toes and having to impress each other. If you just want to re-connect, then cook a romantic feast for your lover and spend the night away drinking wine and talking about your dreams. The both of you have been through everything together that it’s only time to appreciate one another and bond even more.

3Capricorn Taken: Focus On Communication

Your lover and you have lately been undergoing some difficult times. We can guarantee that it’s about to get 100{4ac6d267e8027f1885d17f2d01dbfdc00057615c2ca138f65fd481e5968c3412} worse this Cancer season unless you make some changes.

Luckily for you, it’s a single element causing the downfall of your relationship. Your lack of communication is beginning to take a toll on your love, as you simply don’t express what’s on your mind. The both of you are constantly keeping your emotions bottled up in fear of breaking out into yet another conflict.

It’s absolutely critical that you let exactly everything that you’ve been thinking out to the other person. You’ll experience some tremendous relief to finally speak the truth. You’ll be surprised as to how supportive your lover is, as they just weren’t aware of what was really going on.

This transparency between the both of you is the key to upholding your relationship. Each person will finally be able to fully support the other in whatever he or she are experiencing and going through. True love is all about always being there for the person unconditionally. Yet in your case, your lack of communication stops you from being there for each other and talking about what is really going on.

2Cancer Single: The Answers Are Right In Front Of You

You’ve been longing for what seems like forever to find a special someone. While you’ve been putting yourself out there and looking at absolutely everyone as a possible match, your dream lover might just be right in front of you.

This Cancer season it’s time to forget about constantly seeking out potential partners and look to options right in front of you. Your endless search for love has actually brought about a few viable options. Stop searching your whole town for someone, and look at the people in front of you.

You might not be totally sold that this person is the right one for you. However, we recommend investing some more time into them to see if something can come from the two of you together.

You’ll be absolutely shocked to see that indeed you’re a perfect match. Try getting to know each other by going on a few dates; you’ll be amazed of what’s to come.

If you absolutely think there’s no one in front of you to ignite a flame with, think again. The people that you have been friends with the whole time might be the perfect person for you. A friendship is the most important foundation of a relationship, and you already have that!

1Cancer Taken: Prepare For Someone Else To Enter Into The Picture

While this is the last thing a Cancer wants to hear during Cancer season, it’s something they must prepare for.

We can’t exactly predict if a new person will enter your relationship on your end or your partner’s. However, some rockiness will hit your love boat as questions will arise.

If you’re confident that neither you nor your partner will cheat with this new person, then that’s great. Simply whisk this home-wrecker away and focus on your strong loving bond. If instead, you feel as if you and your partner are susceptible to another person, be prepared for the downfall.

If you find yourself crushing on someone new, it’s time for you to re-assess your relationship. Are you actually happy with your partner? What are you lacking in your relationship that you’re receiving from this new person? Is it worth leaving your partner for this new person?

While these questions are incredibly intense, it’s absolutely critical that you answer them. If you’re confident that you would never cheat and don’t have an eye on someone new, then the new person is on your partner’s end. Someone has been keeping their eyes on your lover, and for good reasons. You have to hope that the love you’ve built is strong enough and that your lover isn’t tempted to jump ship.

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