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So you’ve got a romantic partner in your life, but things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. The summer is coming, and you know that means plenty of beach time, theme park trips and general vacationing where there will be literally thousands of other people you can be spending your time with, so what should you do? Should you let your current sweetheart go for a few months so you can party hard with a bunch of strangers you’re never really going to ever see again or should you stick it out, try to make things work in your relationship and hope that you still have a really great summer?

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It can be a hard decision – most people really enjoy their freedom and you’re only young for so many years before you have to settle down and take everything so seriously. Why not have a good time? It’s completely understandable if you’re still struggling with the decision, so instead of wondering whether you should let go or hold onto your SO, take a look at what the stars are trying to tell you. They just might help you have the most amazing summer of your life! Here’s which zodiac signs should look for a few fun summer romances and which signs will be perfectly happy with their current lovers:

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16Air Signs Need To Feel Complete Freedom This Summer

Air signs are usually known for their amazing relationship and social skills, but this summer all bets are off! Even the nicest people can get tired of the same old people doing the same old things! This year, as soon as school lets out, Air signs need to feel the winds of change in their faces! With each new summer should come a new chance to do whatever they want!

For absolute freedom, Air signs need to sever all ties and start fresh.

If you’re an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, you know it’s time to dump your partner and start looking for wild nights of fun! Even if you’re weighed down this summer by work or other responsibilities, it’s important to use your free time to discover what new relationships might be around the corner! Don’t worry about feeling tied down again, since you can get serious and look for a long-term partner around the end of August or the beginning of September. As for June, July and most of August, you’re free to go on a new date every single day, or even multiple dates each day! But no matter what you do, do NOT settle for just anyone this summer!

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15Aquarius, You’re Bored And You Know It – Consider Breaking Up With Your Soon-To-Be-Ex

You and your SO have been doing alright lately. There’s no serious drama, no one has had their feelings hurt and there haven’t been any issues arising from school, work or other people. On one hand, this might seem like the best part of any relationship, after all, it gets really tiring always having to deal with one event after the next, but at what point does “stable” become “boring?” We’re not saying a good relationship is one that is constantly overcoming the neverending onslaught of dramatic events – what we’re saying is if nothing seems to be exciting at all anymore, why are you still involved with your SO?

Life is only worth living when there are things to make us feel something. Feeling comfortable is great! Don’t get us wrong, it’s fine if you love hanging out in front of the TV or your gaming system, but when you’re with your partner, the urge to go skydiving, swimming in the biggest lake you can find, or taking a brief trip out of town can make all the difference. Your partner isn’t interested in these things, so it’s time to make a change. Dump your boring partner and find someone who wants to do all the crazy things you’re into – and then some!

14You Need To End The Monotony, Gemini – Go On A Dating-Spree!

Seeing the same person day in and day out can be really nice for some – relaxing, even! It’s great knowing that the one person you want to see the most will always be there for you, but some people don’t really appreciate that. Some people, like you, Gemini, want to be with someone who makes you work for their affections.

You don’t want the other person to always be waiting to spend time with you, you want them to have their own thing going on sometimes too.

It can be a drag when your significant other doesn’t have anything to add to the conversation because when they’re not with you, they’re not doing anything at all. Break the monotony and find a new partner!

You know you need to be with a partner who always has something going on, who likes to take time to see you sometimes, but who is fully capable of being happy without you. It’s a bit early for the whole co-dependence thing and you’re interested in living life to the fullest! Dump your current partner and start the hunt for that special someone who is with you because want you, not because they need you.

13Libra, If You Don’t Want To Break Up Then Don’t – But Make Sure You’re Having Fun

Sometimes you need to be a little bad to have some fun. Libra, you’re not sure if you’re ready to end things but you know you’re ready for something extra this summer. Talk to your partner and maybe take a little break. You’re planning on getting back together, so there’s no reason your split has to be permanent. You can do what you want all summer long and know that your partner will be there for you at the end of it all. It can serve as a great opportunity for your partner to live out a few summer romances of their own and at the end of it all, you can get back together and share all the experiences you had as individuals. In some cases, it can strengthen a relationship. Of course, you do run the risk of finding someone great so by the time summer is over, your little “fling” has turned into the real thing, but hey, at least it’s still a win for you, right? Don’t hesitate to do what’s right for your lifestyle. You know what you want and what you don’t – so do whatever it takes to ensure you have a great summer this year.

12Water Signs Are A Mixed Bag

If you’re a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, you know you’re sometimes super emotional and a little too sensitive. This isn’t necessarily bad though, a lot of people appreciate you for your honesty and ability to support them. Even though you tend to be an all-around amazing person, there are still issues that arise that remain outside the realm of your control. You want to be happy and you want happiness for your partner too, but because you understand the ins and outs of relationships so well, sometimes you need to make difficult decisions.

For Water signs, sometimes it’s best to stay in a relationship, and sometimes you know you’ll both be significantly happier if you were to break up.

If you’re truly in love and you know you’ll never find anyone who could possibly be a better match, then stick together!

For those of you who know there’s something missing from your relationship, you have to do what you must and you break their heart. Of course, hurting your partner means you’ll be hurting yourself too because you know you’re responsible for their pain, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. So which Water signs are going to be sticking around and which ones are going to be breaking hearts this summer?

11You Know It’s Time To Find A New Love, Cancer

Cancer, you and your partner have been through ups and downs, but it’s time to realize you’re ready to get off this roller coaster to find something a little less dramatic. Do you need to find your true love this summer? Heck no! But a new relationship or two ought to help you figure out what you really desire in a relationship. Sometimes people need to shop around to get a good feel for what’s best for them. This is true whether you’re out house hunting, clothes shopping or looking for the person who will look best on your arm for all your summer plans.

It’s time to throw away the old and usher in the new! Your relationship has been a little “off” lately anyway. Yes, it’ll be hard to finally end things, but ultimately you and your soon-to-be ex will be able to enjoy more fulfilling lives without all the drama that exists between you two. Do the right thing for yourself and for your current SO. You’ve been putting it off long enough. You know it’s over, so do yourself a favor and dump ’em, grieve the relationship for a few minutes, then prepare yourself for a new summer fling!

10Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things (Or People) Pisces!

Okay, Pisces, your relationship hasn’t been the best these past few months but you’re too nice to say anything. It’s understandable, most people don’t like to make the first move when it comes to breaking up, but this summer is yours for the taking! There are a million people out there waiting for your affections, so why are you wasting your time with someone you know won’t be around much longer anyway? You don’t have to be mean about it, but it’s about time you break things off and start looking out for your next partner. Better yet, find a few partners and have a great time!

This summer is an opportunity for you to remake yourself.

Pisces, you know that your current relationship is slightly changing you and you’re so comfortable in it that you hardly noticed those changes yourself! If you keep going with your current partner, pretty soon you won’t be able to recognize yourself in the mirror! Break up and head over to your town’s hot spots. Meet a few people and rediscover who you are and who you want to be. Let yourself have some fun by letting loose and enjoying the company of a few amazing summer flings.Featured Today

9Stick Around Scorpio, Your Relationship Is Only Just Beginning To Blossom

Finding some summer fun may sound enticing, but Scorpio, your relationship is still in its youth! You need to stay with your partner for a while longer and really flush out the relationship. Things always start off a little rocky because you haven’t found that comfort zone yet, but don’t let your fears or embarrassment take away an opportunity to stay with one of the best partners, if not the very best partner, you’ll ever meet.

Don’t let everyone else’s summer flings blind you to the amazing relationship that’s still unfolding right before your eyes! Your current partner isn’t even thinking about looking for love elsewhere, in fact, they have no idea you were even considering it since there’s still so much to learn about each other! Do the right thing for the sake of your happiness and for the sake of your partner’s happiness as well – stick around and see where things go. Hit up a few of your favorite places and learn about your partner’s interests as well. You may be surprised to find that you have a lot more in common than you originally thought and your hobbies may mesh just as well as you two do.

8Earth Signs Should Stick It Out

Earth signs are known for being – wait for it – grounded! Okay, as lame as that sounds, it’s true. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgos all ensure they’re making decisions based on facts, smart choices and educated guesses. None of these signs is going to enter into a romantic relationship for a little spur of the moment fun. The feelings Earth signs have for their partners is unshakable. They know what they want in a romantic partner and they’ve done their research and they’re happy with their SOs. Something as shallow as a summer romance isn’t going to shake these signs at all, but that’s not to say they’re being boring or snobby.

Earth signs are amazing people who put a lot of effort into their relationships.

If things aren’t going well, they do what it takes to make it work. If there’s a situation that’s out of their hands, however, they don’t make fools of themselves to force things to go their way. Earth signs take what life throws at them and they try to mold it into a learning opportunity. It is because they’re so steady and positive that these signs are willing to forgo a summer of flings and are open to spending the hottest months of the year with the one person they adore.

7Be Careful Capricorn, You Want The Real Thing But Your Partner Might Be Looking For A Fling…

You know your partner inside and out, and you’ve always been happy to be with them. This summer, you’re not even thinking about a brief fling – but be warned Capricorn! Your partner might not be as content as you are! While you enjoy the fact that you two know everything about each other and have found a comfortable place to relax so you’re both happy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the temptation of exploring the unknown this summer has passed by your partner unnoticed.

A relationship can sometimes deteriorate without either party being aware of what’s happening, and if you’re not careful this summer, that’s exactly what’ll happen to you! Your partner seems happy to be with you and you know you’re really happy to be with them, but to ensure they don’t get bored, you need to do something really fun and out of the ordinary this summer. Take your partner to a theme park and ride the fastest, tallest, scariest roller coaster! Take a dip in the ocean and try not to think about any sharks that might be lurking nearby. Do something to make this summer memorable and to ensure your romance extends well beyond this summer.

6Taurus, You’re In Too Deep To Stop Now

The great thing about a Tauruses is their reliable personality and their possessiveness. You know you’re in love and there’s no way you’re going to let your partner go this summer! You aren’t interested in something fake at the beach with someone you happened to have a conversation with. A Taurus doesn’t meet someone and immediately wonder what a romantic relationship might be like with them – a Taurus is always thinking of their partner and is always wondering how they can show their significant other how they feel.

You’re in luck this year, Taurus!

You already know you’re head over heels for your SO and you know there’s no way you’ll let them go without a fight, so take this summer as an opportunity to really show your feelings.

You may not be that verbal with your love for your partner, and that’s okay! This summer, try to create the perfect atmosphere for a great date. Do something you and your SO can enjoy and at the end of the night, take a step outside your comfort zone and tell them exactly how you feel. You don’t need to make a habit of this, but if you take the time to let your partner know, your summer is guaranteed to be amazing.

5Stay Comfy In Your Relationship, Virgo

Virgos aren’t known for jumping from relationship to relationship, and for good reason! You’ve carefully chosen the partner of your dreams and since the moment you mustered up the courage to ask them out, you’ve been on cloud nine. There’s no way you’re going to throw it all away for some frivolous flirting this summer. Your partner is happy with you and you’re happy with them, so remember: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Your summer is going to be loads of fun just because you’re spending time with your special someone. Even if one of you has to take part of a family vacation or if work makes it hard to get together, you’re still looking forward to the nights you can have dinner with them, catch a movie and just enjoy each other’s company. There’s still plenty of time to take a quick trip to a nearby lake for some fishing, camping or hiking and you can always map out the best festivals to hit up as well. There’s nothing wrong with loving your relationship. In fact, it’s great that you’re in such a healthy one that mixes things up just enough to keep things interesting without becoming boring. Enjoy your relationship this summer, Virgo. You deserve it.

4Fire Signs Are Going To Have A Super Sweet Summer

Passionate, dynamic, temperamental and adventurous – There are but a few of the many characteristics of a Fire sign! When it comes to relationships, other signs need to be careful or they’re definitely going to get burned! A Fire sign is quick to fall in love and with that comes a crazy sense of confidence and white-hot passion, making them one of the most desirable signs of the zodiac.

No one who has ever dated an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius has walked away from the relationship wishing there were more sparks.

In fact, many who dated Fire signs were able to burn brightly with them for a while, but eventually were snuffed out and left to figure out where everything went wrong.

If any sign is responsible for leaving a trail of hearts in their wake, it’s definitely the Fire signs – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they do it on purpose. Fire signs are quick to fall in love and are just as quick to get bored. They’re powerful signs that draw potential partners in like moths to a, well, to a flame! This isn’t to say that they can’t settle down, but for most Fire signs, summer romances are an annual tradition until they find the one person who keeps them consistently on their toes.

3Aries, It’s Time To Challenge Yourself With A Few Fiery New Summer Fling

As with most Aries, you’re extremely popular and you’ve never really had to work to get the attention of the opposite gender. You’ve always just done your own thing and others have flocked to you. Well, this summer is a time for you to put yourself out there and make the first move! Drop your current partner and move on to greener pastures. Look for someone this summer, instead of just accepting whoever comes up to you, and see if you can find that special someone.

Take some time to consider what characteristics would make your perfect partner. Do you want a sweetheart who will go out of their way for you or do you want someone a little more stingy with their affections? Regardless of what kind of person you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to have a great summer getting to know people and learning what they’re all about. All the extra effort you put into the search will help pass time and help others understand you’re not so easy to please. Take the opportunity to make the most of your summer – you might even learn a thing or two about yourself, which can only help as you work to pin down the perfect partner.

2Leo, You Know You’re Tired Of Your Current Bae Anyways, So Go Have Some Fun!

Summer is coming and your blood is starting to heat up. Lately your current significant other isn’t really all that great and you’re ready for some fresh summer fun. Come on, Leo, you know you’re tired of your partner anyway, so ditch them and prepare for the summer of your life! You’re a passionate person and you need someone to feel the heat as you go into overdrive and seek out the best vacation spots, the craziest thrills, and the most enticing romances. All you’ve got to do is sign up for some online dates or head out to a few great places you know you’ll be able to find a new fling at. You don’t really have to try either, just go have fun with some friends and make sure to talk up another group that has one or two persons of interest for you!

Do your own thing and don’t bother trying to pretend it’s going to be forever.

There are plenty of people who are also going to be looking for a brief romance, so take full advantage! Why not, right? You want it, they want it, so go full-speed ahead into what will become one of the best summers of your life!

1You’re In Love, Sagittarius, So Stay With Your Partner

Okay, Sagittarius, this is going to sound crazy but your current partner is the one you’re really in love with. You’ve spent so much time having fun summer romances that you’re almost willing to break up just so you can keep the tradition going, but deep down you know you’re not ready to say goodbye. Your partner has been able to keep up with your crazy self and has hit you with just as much enthusiasm and passion as you’ve hit them with. You make such a great team that it just doesn’t make sense to throw it away and a big part of you doesn’t want to end things anyway.

This is one of the important times in your life where your decision will set you down a specific path. If you found love and choose to say goodbye to it now, then there’s no knowing whether you’ll ever be able to find a lasting love in the future. If you’re able to look the other way and stay away from temptation, you’re setting yourself up to be more reliable and, ultimately, happier in the future. If you stay with your current partner, you’ll finally learn why monogamy is so important to some people, and you’re going to grow as an individual and as a couple. 

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