Zodiac Sign Here’s How Each Man Will Typically Break A Woman’s Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign 1 month ago1,923 views13 min read

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Everyone who has ever loved has experienced heartbreak. It’s a pain that literally makes your chest feel tight and some people even lose their appetites and get stuck in a negative mindset for months after someone breaks their hearts. Unfortunately, nothing can really prepare you for a serious breakup, but what you can do is a little research to help give you an edge when it comes to future relationships. When you’re first starting out and you get those butterflies in your stomach every time your crush is around, the last thing you’re thinking of is how your crush could one day break your heart.

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The thing is, most people believe their relationships are going to last. There’s no room on all the lovey-dovey feelings for bad thoughts, so when the breakup comes, one person is usually very surprised. The bottom line is simple: the majority of romantic relationships wind up falling apart relatively quickly, so do yourself a favor and consider the top reasons guys break a girl’s heart, according to their zodiac sign. Of course, not all guys are going to break a girl’s heart the exact same way, but these are the typical reasons according to their signs:

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20Beware Of Earth Signs! They Can Be Ruthless

As grounded and professional as Earth signs can be, when it comes to relationships they can have some pretty high expectations. They want their partners to be on the same level they are, so when mistakes are made, sometimes they’re not as forgiving as they should be. Sometimes, they can be downright mean when it comes to breaking things off and can seem a little heartless. Of course, this isn’t a representation of all Earth signs, most are genuinely great guys. Unfortunately, some don’t know how to properly handle things and can make situations worse rather than make them better.

19A Capricorn Might Break Up With You Via Text

If you think this is pretty messed up, you’d be right. Unfortunately, some Capricorn guys are better at having fun than they are at getting serious. When they think a relationship is dying down, they don’t like to admit it. Sometimes they’ll do whatever it takes to keep things going but most times they’ll just sort of slip out of your life unexpectedly. You’ll think everything is going great until you wake up one morning to a text from him saying it’s over. When you try to call for some clarification and closure, you’re sent straight to voicemail. It’ll hurt but at least you won’t continue wasting your time with him.

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18A Taurus May Take Silly Fights Too Far

A Taurus’ greatest strengths can sometimes be their greatest weaknesses. As a responsible sign, Taurus guys expect their girls to accept when they’ve done something wrong – but what happens when no one is at fault, or both are to blame? Silly fights that can start over something as small as “where should we go for dinner?” can escalate quickly around Taurus guys. Their stubborn side won’t let them back down once things get out of hand and a girl can only take so many arguments where their man stands his ground – even when he’s wrong. Be careful ladies, Taurus guys just might wear you down before breaking your heart.

17BONUS SIGN: Taurus Men Might Ghost You

When things start to really go south in a relationship, a Taurus’ weaknesses really shine. Not all Taurus men are effective communicators. In fact, some of them are so bad at talking things out that instead of trying to make a relationship work, they ghost their ladies entirely. It isn’t something they do slowly, either. Sometimes a Taurus’ girl will send a text that never gets a response. She tries calling and is sent straight to voicemail. She’s no longer his friend on Facebook and no matter what she does, he’s refusing to speak to her or even see her. If that doesn’t break a girl’s heart, we don’t know what will.

16Virgos Tend To Criticize Their Women

Virgo guys tend to get into relationships with serious intentions. They care about their partner but they also care about appearances. Everything has to look perfect, even if it isn’t, so if a Virgo’s lady isn’t dressed up enough or doesn’t respond properly during social situations, he’s very likely to criticize her in private. He isn’t trying to make her feel bad, he’s just trying to get her on the same page he is. He just wants people to think their relationship is great. The sad part is Virgo guys don’t even realize that they’re hurting their girls until it’s too late.

15When It Comes To Dating, Water Signs Might Get Too Emotional

Water signs are such a mixed bag that their strengths and weaknesses tend to balance them out. Unfortunately, sometimes the balance is tilted off-center, leaving one weakness exposed. Relationships are strange for water signs because it really does take special women who can handle these signs. There are a lot of high-tension emotions that live very near the surface and there’s also maturity levels to take into account. If a Water sign hasn’t had enough experience dating, he’s more likely to lash out without understanding why it’s not okay. Of course, not all Water signs behave this way, but they should still be dated with caution.

14Cancer Guys Usually Aren’t Ready To Take The Next Step

When it comes to opening up emotionally in a relationship, Cancer guys take it extremely slowly. This tends to create a lot of friction in a relationship and even if he doesn’t mean to, his hesitation makes his girlfriend believe she isn’t good enough for him to relax and open up. His actions, or lack thereof, are responsible for her broken heart and it’s only made worse when she tries to mend things. While it’s entirely accidental, Cancer men are self-sabotaging because they’re so afraid to open up and get hurt that they wind up hurting their ladies instead. This isn’t true for all Cancer guys, but it’s certainly something to be wary of.Featured Today

13BONUS SIGN: Some Cancer Guys Can Be Too Insecure And Might Break Things Off Early

Cancer men know they’re flawed. They know they have issues that make loving them a little difficult, and they stress about these things all the time. What makes things worse is when a Cancer guy thinks his girl is starting to pull away. He freaks out and would rather break up with her than try to make things work. It’s just easier to bypass the hard part and just break things off before his lady does first. He doesn’t even consider trying to talk things out or admit he’s feeling a little insecure, and that’s what ends up ruining his relationships and breaking women’s hearts.

12Too Much Drama Can Make A Pisces Man Run

The words “too much” are pretty ambiguous. What a Pisces guy considers “too much” might be nothing to a Gemini, but that doesn’t matter. If things don’t go perfectly in their relationships, a Pisces’ first reaction is to consider bailing. Some Pisces guys think it’s better to run than it is to tell his lady that she needs to calm down. Worse, if he’s the one responsible for the drama, he doesn’t see it and still expects his girl to accept the blame. No one can handle that kind of relationship for long, so of course, a girl will leave the relationship heart-broken!

11A Scorpio Lets His Jealousy Get In The Way

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. It’s what makes people lose control. Scorpios already struggle with jealousy in normal relationships – they get jealous when their parents pay more attention to a sibling, when a teacher calls on another student, or when their pet prefers to sit in someone else’s lap. As silly as it sounds, sometimes Scorpio guys really let jealousy overtake their lives. In relationships, they expect their partners to always look at them and never give them a reason to doubt the strength of the relationship. The minute a Scorpio guy’s partner even just appears to be flirting with someone else, the relationship is over.

10Fire Signs Can Be Easily Swayed

When passions run hot, nothing can compare to a Fire sign’s reactions! It doesn’t take a whole lot for a Fire sign guy to get bored, feel angry, switch through a series of emotions or believe the simplest answer instead of the truth. Because of their intense natures, some Fire signs can go a little overboard and hurt their women. Sometimes they do it on purpose because they want her to hurt as much as he does, but more often than not, it’s the result of speaking without thinking and not being completely honest with how they feel. The best way to handle a fire sign guy is to humble him every now and then.

9An Aries Guy Needs More Of A Challenge Out Of His Relationships

Are you always giving in to your Aries guy’s needs? Does he always get to decide where to go for lunch, what movies to watch and which friends you hang out with? If so, then your relationship is headed straight to heartbreak city. He’s not interested in a relationship that’s basically him doing whatever he wants and his lady happily trails behind him – he wants a challenge! If he wants Mexican for dinner but you want Chinese, tell him! If you’re just sitting around doing nothing, tell him you’re heading out to have some fun. If you don’t challenge him, he’s going to break your heart and go out to find someone who will.

8Sometimes, There’s Someone Else In A Leo’s Life

Unlike the Aries, some Leos prefer women who give in to his needs all the time. He isn’t looking for a challenging relationship, he’s looking to challenge himself by experimenting. He wants to know how many women he can be romantic with before any of them discover each other. It’s like a game and it’s going to break your heart. If you’re dating a Leo guy, pay extra attention to what he says and does. Not all Leos are like this, but those who are tend to have a few obvious give-aways. The question is whether you’re willing to see them.

7BONUS SIGN: Not All Leo Guys Will Prioritize You

While some Leo men are interested in dating several women at once, some falter in relationships because they aren’t willing to give their women the time they deserve. He doesn’t prioritize time for dates, cuddling, or just hanging out. He wants to do his own thing and assumes you do too – but he doesn’t really stop to ask you. Any girl’s heart would break if she felt her man wasn’t giving her any attention. It gets lonely sitting around hoping he’ll call or send a goodnight text message. If you’re dating a Leo guy, make sure he knows you want to be a priority in his life before it’s too late!

6Sagittarius Men Get Bored Easily

You’re not a clown. You don’t need to perform for your man to ensure he’s not going to get bored of you! But here’s the thing – Some Sagittarius men get bored with stale or stagnant relationships. They want to be with someone fun and adventurous. If you’re neither of those things, then he might decide to end the relationship and he likely won’t be very nice about it. Sagittarius men need some kind of stimulation and if he’s not getting it with your relationship, then he’s probably going to break your heart and make it sound like it’s all your fault to boot!

5Air Signs Tend To Over-Analyze Things

The best way to hurt yourself is to over-analyze things. When you take too much time overthinking something, you miss the obvious. This isn’t something Air signs do on purpose, it’s just one of their inherent weaknesses. When an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra get into a relationship, their initial joy is immediately overtaken by all the “what-ifs” that can occur. What if she gets bored? What if I’m not good enough? What if she’s not as great as I thought she was? What if, what if, what if? This mental behavior is unhealthy and it ultimately leads Air signs to hurt the women they’re dating, whether they intend to or not.

4An Aquarius Might Be Too Flighty

When it comes to dating, an Aquarius guy can get a little crazy sometimes. He’s interested in so many things that he’s often pulled from one thing to the next, and that applies to relationships as well. It can be hard to get an Aquarius to fully commit, and even if you manage it, there’s always a chance he’s going to just flutter away, like a wayward butterfly. This isn’t any fault of yours, this is an Aquarius guy’s greatest weakness. If he loves you, he’ll stay, but even if he loves you, he may love someone else too and flutter off. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, and it’s going to break your heart.

3BONUS SIGN: You Might Catch Your Aquarius Man On Dates With Other Women

Aquarius guys like to have fun. This should come as no surprise since they’re always only too happy to flit from one thing to the next, but if you’re dating an Aquarius guy, odds are he’s doing a lot more than you think. Just take a night out on the town with your squad and you’re almost guaranteed to catch him on a few secret dates. Not every Aquarius guy is like this, in fact, some aren’t on romantic dates at all! They’re really just hanging out one-on-one with a friend who happens to be a girl. While this behavior isn’t meant to hurt you, it’s still going to break your heart when you see it.

2Libras Sometimes Purposely Make It Hard To Love Them

So you love your Libra man. He’s so great in so many ways and you two hit it off perfectly! You decided to take things to the next level and now you’re dating, but sometimes it’s just so hard to love him! Why is this? Well, it’s because he’s overthinking the relationship and self-sabotaging. Every tiny ounce of weakness in the relationship is blown out of proportion in his mind and he doesn’t know how to handle it, so he freaks out, starts arguments, points fingers and generally ruins the great relationship you thought you had. He might break your heart, and the sad part is it’s entirely unintentional.

1Gemini Men Could Have Too Many Secrets

It’s hard to open up to someone, even if you’re romantically involved with them. Some secrets are just too scary, too painful or just overall too much to speak of, so guys like Gemini men prefer to keep them to themselves. This lack of openness in a relationship can easily transition into a situation where he doesn’t really trust you with anything. A relationship without trust doesn’t last very long, so in order to preserve his deepest, darkest secrets, he basically tells you to butt out of his life and to stop pestering him with so many personal questions. He’ll hurt you this way, even if he doesn’t mean to, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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