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Let’s face it, we all act a little differently in a relationship. When you’re dating someone awesome, they tend to bring out your best qualities! The happiest relationships tend to be between two people who really help each other grow and improve. Does this mean you should go into a relationship expecting that the other person will change FOR you? No way! But if you find yourself improving in many areas of your life after you begin dating a certain person, chances are that you guys are right for each other — especially if you have the same effect on them!

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You might assume that a guy would not change his personality or behavior while in a relationship, but actually, there’s a good chance that he will if he’s with the right girl! Like we mentioned earlier, don’t go into a relationship with the sole intention of “fixing” someone — this can easily lead to disappointment. But if you notice some positive changes in your guy, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track! And speaking of signs, did you know that depending on your boyfriend’s sign, he’ll make certain changes? Here are the changes you might see, according to astrology.

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16Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): It Will Depend On Who He’s Dating

As we already established, it’s hard to imagine a fire sign guy changing because of a girl — but it happens all the time! Can it happen for guys born under earth signs too? Absolutely! Because these signs have such a strong sense of self and pride themselves on being stable and rational, you might assume that they would never change because of a girl.

But any guy has the potential to change, especially if he’s dating a woman who brings out the best in him!

So, what can you expect if you’re dating a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn? Let’s find out!

15Taurus: He Will Allow Himself To Be More Vulnerable

Taurus men are experts at hiding their feelings (okay, lots of guys are, but Taurus guys especially). They really do not like to reveal their sensitive side to anyone — they prefer that everyone just leave them alone when it comes to their emotions.

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But when Taurus guys get into relationships, all of that can change if they feel truly comfortable with you. They will suddenly be willing to tell you secrets that you would never have heard before — you will be amazed at what comes spilling out of their mouths! These guys are more emotional than you would have guessed.

14Virgo: He Will Learn To Accept Imperfection

Virgo men can be super critical — Virgo women aren’t immune to this either, but Virgo men are especially guilty! This trait isn’t always bad.

They tend to perform well at their jobs, do a great job at saving money and spotting deals, and have great time management skills, all because of their critical nature.

But when a Virgo guy gets into a relationship with a woman he truly loves, guess what happens? He stops seeing imperfections in everything going on around him. And even when he does see it, he won’t stress over it and feel that instant urge to correct everything.

13Capricorn: He Will Spend Less Time In The Office

We all know that Capricorn guys can be total workaholics! And they’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished, so why on earth would they want to change? Here’s the thing — when they’re in the WRONG relationship, this habit will not change.

They will spend way too much time working and too little time with their girlfriend! But when they’re in the right relationship? Well, that’s when this guy’s mindset will finally start to shift. He will see just how nice it is to spend quiet evenings at home and weekends traveling with his girlfriend, and he will finally start to cut back on work.

12Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): They Won’t Change Just For Anyone

A fire sign guy changing in a relationship? Yup, it happens — don’t just assume that all of them are too stubborn to make a change! It can definitely happen.

Fire sign guys may think that they wouldn’t change for anyone, but this is not always true.

When they are in the right relationship, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius guys can definitely change for the better. So, what kind of changes could you see? It totally depends on his sign! If you’re dating an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius man, just read on to see how his personality might change as your relationship progresses.

11Aries: He Will Be More Cautious

Aries guys are absolutely notorious for being risk takers. These are the types of guys who would be the first to sign up to go skydiving, rock climbing, deep sea diving — you name it, they’re up for it!

But when an Aries guy gets into the right relationship, he will often tone down the reckless behavior in order to be the dependable partner he wants to be. This is because he would never want his girl to have to feel any emotional pain or sadness should he ever get hurt. He will prioritize the relationship over that adrenaline rush, and you will notice that he seems calmer and more relaxed.

10Leo: He Will Open Up About His Insecurities

We all know that Leo guys always like to appear confident — this is a treat that is common in all fire signs, but it’s especially true for Leo guys!

They never want to let anyone see them sweat, and Leo women can relate.

However, when a Leo guy gets into a relationship with a girl who loves him for who he is, flaws and all, he no longer feels this intense need to cover up all of his mistakes. Instead, he will actually start to do the unthinkable — he will open up about his insecurities and feel comfortable doing so.Featured Today

9Sagittarius: He Won’t Feel So Restless

Sagittarius men are restless — and so are Sagittarius women, but we’re focusing on the guys for now. They often feel an insatiable urge to travel the world at a young age (you know, those pesky feelings of wanderlust that have you looking up plane tickets even when you’re broke). 

But when Sagittarius guys find the right women to settle down with, they will retain their love of travel — but finally, they will begin to feel happy staying in one place. But if you’re lucky enough to be his girl, he would love to travel to romantic places around the world with you!

8Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer): They’ll Change In A Second To Experience Life

Water signs just like to go with the flow — you know, like their element, water. They don’t want to stay the same throughout their whole lives.

They want to grow, to change, to become someone new as they experience more of life. 

If you’re the type of girl who wants to date a guy who is open to change in a relationship, well, you just might want to find yourself a water sign! Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer guys all tend to be very sweet and sensitive boyfriends, and to top it all off, they are more open-minded than other signs.

7Scorpio: He Will Learn To Deal With His Mistakes

Scorpio guys are super emotional. If you’re already familiar with astrology, you probably already know their reputation! This means that when they make mistakes, they often turn around and beat themselves up over it — they will feel guilty and wish they could somehow go back and change things. 

But in the right relationship, they will come to accept that mistakes are just part of life.

They need to be with someone who is forgiving, patient, and understanding. With this kind of relationship, Scorpio men will learn to accept their flaws and understand how to move on from mistakes with dignity.

6Pisces: He Will Take Himself Out Of His Comfort Zone

Some Pisces guys can be total homebodies — it’s just in their nature! We don’t think they’ll ever totally change from that, but that’s okay — we need all kinds of people in the world. 

But when a Pisces guy gets into a relationship with an adventurous woman (and this is the type they usually go for, because opposites attract), he will find himself drawn to more and more activities that fall outside of his comfort zone. He will be more open to traveling, taking road trips, or even just going out and meeting new people, which is a big deal for any Pisces!

5Cancer: He Will Learn To Trust Again

Cancer guys are so nice — sometimes, they can even be too nice for their own good. This means that when Cancer guys are young, they will often have their trust in this world broken.

They will go out of their way for someone who would never do the same for them, and when they realize that all of the kindness they give out is rarely being repaid, they will be extremely disappointed. But in the right relationship, a Cancer guy will finally learn to trust again. If he can find someone as sweet as he is, his trust issues can be fixed.

4Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Getting In A Relationship Is Enough To Spring On Change

Air signs are pretty open to change — so it should come as no surprise that when they get into a relationship, you can definitely expect some big changes from them. They don’t see themselves as remaining the same forever, and they are all interested in the idea of personal development.

And for all of the air signs — Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra — getting into a relationship can represent a big change of pace.

They are typically used to flying solo, so naturally, they are going to switch up certain aspects of their personalities and lifestyles once they get into a relationship.

3Libra: He Will Ignore What Other People Think

Libra men tend to spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think. And honestly, Libra women share this trait as well. Before a Libra guy gets into a happy relationship, he will often wonder what other people think of his romantic history, or whoever his current “friend with benefits” happens to be.

But when a Libra guy finally meets the right girl, those insecurities over the opinions of other people finally begin to melt away.

He begins to see that the only thing that REALLY matters is the person who you’re with and the fact that you two are happy!

2Aquarius: He Will Finally Let His Guard Down

Aquarius men sometimes feel like they were just born to be independent—like they can’t really imagine being with someone else, especially not for life. Well, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

In fact, Aquarius men can be very happy in relationships. Dating the right girl can change an Aquarius guy’s life for the better. There’s no doubt about it! Aquarius men tend to be very guarded, but when they are in happy relationships, they will finally learn to let their guards down. They will feel more content with the idea of opening up to someone.

1Gemini: He Will Forget All About Other Girls

Gemini men are known for being the biggest flirts in the zodiac, and it’s not just a stereotype — this is a fact! These guys love to flirt. Even if they meet a girl who they know they have no shot with, they’ll still throw a couple cheesy lines her way just to see how she responds. It’s just how they are!

But when these guys start dating someone, they finally begin to see the benefits of just settling down with a woman in comparison to flirting with other girls all the time! Suddenly, they’ll wonder why they did not change sooner.

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