Your Most Weird Relationship Goals According To Your Zodiac Sign

The weird secret relationship goals each sign fantasizes about.

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Fire ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

Exploring the world and broadening your point of view:

As a fire sign, you’re very dynamic. Your relationship goal is to be with someone who will learn from you and from whom you will learn. Your partner has to be your travel-buddy so that you can explore the world together.

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Days are for adventures while nights are meant to be spent at home:

You are straight-forward and want the best of both worlds. Your relationship goal is to be with someone you can go out on adventures during the day and come back to enjoy the comfort of home at night.

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Life’s all Hollywood for you:

Admit it, Leo! You always want to be the center of attention and glamour is all you want. You are most likely to get into romantic relationships in Hollywood style. You want to get indulged by your partner, enjoy partying with them and everything is all about glitters and spotlights.


Spending your weekends by attending concerts and festivals:

You are the utmost adventure lover. You always look for a partner with whom you can go on adventures, enjoy concerts and festivals. Boring mundane life is not something you want.

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Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

Deep conversations and peaceful days:

As Earth sign, you are rooted in life. You like adventures but stability and order are what you need your relationship. Your relationship goal is to be with someone with whom you can maintain order in your life and do little things together.



Binge-watching your favorite movies and series all day:

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You are the one who seeks stability in a relationship. Traditional in nature, you want the comfort of home. And what else can be the best way to spend time with your partner apart from binge-watching your favorite movies and series on Netflix? It might sound boring to others but we know how romantic it is for you.


Sharing that special language with your significant other where you don’t have to speak:

Keating probably had a Virgo in mind when he sang, ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all.’ As a Virgo, you value communication but you’re not really that good at it. So, you want a partner with whom you can be most comfortable in communicating and most of the times, it will be non-verbal. This is what that makes your relationship special.


Debates and hugs:

You’re practical and a not-so-romantic kind of a person. Your relationship goal is to be with someone with whom you can discuss politics and at the same time, share a kiss.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Understanding things together:

Understanding is of primary importance to you. You need to connect to your partner mentally to stay in the relationship. Your relationship goal is to be with someone with whom you can follow your dreams.


Amazing surprises:

The carefree Gemini you are, you are always communicating with people. You understand them well and always remain surrounded by friends. You need spice in your life. So, you want to be with someone who will keep you rooted to the ground by giving you surprises you can’t even imagine.


Travelling the world together:

You enjoy traveling and want someone with whom you can travel. Your goal is to experience the world together with your loved one, knowing them in different situations, not by words.


Weird dates and a bookshelf:

You are weird and give a damn about it. You want someone who would accept your weirdness and go out on funny dates, doing crazy things with you. You always crave to learn something and spending time reading and watching movies too is a part of your love-life.

Water ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Domestic bliss and emotional bonding:

Water Signs are more of emotional connections. You are different from the other signs. For you, ‘home is where the heart is.’ You always want long-term relationships, finding home where your better-half is. Little things of domestic life mean the most to you.


Deep conversations and dancing at the ball slowly:

As a sensitive, romantic soul who believes in fairy-tales, you want deep conversations with your partner and a very cheesy, mushy romantic life with them. You expect your partner to court you, you enjoy those romantic ballroom dances or candle-light dinners.



Travelling to a new place and only stay inside your hotel room:

One of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, you want to be with someone you can trust completely. When you have found the one, you would want to explore the world with them to add colors of intensity to your romance. However, you’re a very private person and the locations you choose would be some remote village or town where there wouldn’t be anyone to disturb the two of you. The hotel room is the place you would prefer to stay and spend time together as if you’re the only couple on Noah’s ark.


Sharing your lives together in little things:

Extremely idealistic and romantic, you have gone through a lot of heartbreaks. You know what it means to get hurt, which is why you give a lot in the relationship. You don’t have a specific list of things to do with your partner. Once you have found your soulmate, you would want to spend your whole life with them. Every minute thing you share or do together matters the most to you. It doesn’t matter to you if your soulmate is not up to your standard. For you, life is a paradise when you’re with them.

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