Which Style Tattoo You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to decisions that will impact your life in some way for the rest of your life (unless you decide that tattoo removal is in your future) one of the most obvious and common decisions that you may wind up making at some point is what kind of tattoo you want to get. Choosing a piece of artwork that you enjoy enough that you would like to look at it every single day, in addition to wanting other people to see it pretty much every time they see you, is a pretty significant choice. Of course, everyone wants to make the right one. Tattoos can be done in a wide variety of different styles, and different styles will obviously work better for different people. And if you’re looking for a little guidance in the right direction, what better guide than your zodiac sign? So if you’re interested in what tattoo style is best suited to your star sign, just keep reading!

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12 Aries – Sketch Style

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As the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries is a natural leader of the pack, so when it comes to choosing their perfect tattoo style they’ll want to go for something that is both bold and edgy. Although it’s safe to say that a tattoo style as beautiful as sketch style tattooing will never really go out of style, these modern looking tattoos are beautiful, attention-getting, and ultra hip. All tattoos are works of art, but these striking sketch style tattoos would look right at home on a sketch pad or canvas as well as on your skin.

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11 Taurus – Blackwork

When it comes to styles and artistic motifs that will strike at the heart of any Taurus, it’s always a safe bet to stick with a classic. Although there are dozens of different “classic” styles of tattoos, one of the most undeniably classic looking tattoo styles has got to be blackwork. Blackwork is simply tattoos that only use black ink, and they have a look to them that manages to be both timeless and classically old fashioned at the same time. This is a style that you can guarantee will never go out of style, which suits the Taurus just perfectly.

10 Gemini – Illustrative

When it comes to letting their imaginations run wild, the Gemini has got to be near the top of the zodiac. Some signs of the zodiac like to make people feel things, but the Gemini would prefer to make people think things, so the artwork that they decide to commit to their bodies is almost guaranteed to be mind oriented.

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In that sense, the illustrative tattoo style is the perfect match for them, because they often times look like they could be illustrations in a book, and they really have the look of a fully formed thought and idea.

9 Cancer – Realism

As far as art and artistic preferences go, the grounded and realistic Cancer sign tends to see the most beauty in reality, which makes the realism style of tattoos perfect for them. Realism truly captures the beauty of a Cancer too, because while some signs can get caught up in the beauty of fantasy, the Cancer is an expert at seeing the fine details and nuances of life and seeing that beauty when some others would pass right by it. The realism style is the expression of that artistic eye in tattoo form, as it manages to transform the normal into the spectacular.

8 Leo – Geometric

The geometric style of tattoo art is a wonderful amalgam of art that can look classic, unique, elegant, and ornate, which is a deadly combination that will win over the heart of the natural show-offs that Leos are. Like the lion that represents them, Leos take an enormous amount of pride in themselves, so a tattoo style that will show off their artistic taste, natural grace, and love of positive attention is right up their alley. What’s wonderful about geometric tattoos is that they can take any subject and imbue it with a unique look, and it always looks almost impossibly hip and cool.

7 Virgo – Traditional

Virgos are a sign of the zodiac that are very naturally sophisticated and that love classic and timeless styles, so it should come as no surprise that their perfect tattoo style match is the traditional tattoo style.

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There are actually dozens of different traditional tattoo styles that have developed all over the world over centuries, but what most people think of when they think of tattoos is the traditional Americana style. It’s a style that would look just as natural on someone living in the 1950s as it does now, and since it has basically been in style since it first began it’s safe to say it’ll be in style for another dozen decades too.

6 Libra – Abstract

There are dozens of different and distinct tattoo styles, but when it comes to the most unique and cerebral style of tattoos it can be pretty hard to beat the abstract style. It’s definitely a style for a very specific personal taste, but the modern artistic style of abstract tattoos is a great match for the overthinking Libra. Most tattoos have a special meaning for the person who has it, but the style of abstract tattoos can leave the owner with a tattoo that seems downright inscrutable to others. However, mysterious and thoughtful is an art motif that suits Libra just fine.

5 Scorpio – Neo Traditional

You may be able to figure out what exactly a neo-traditional style tattoo is by the title alone, and if you suspected that it was a style that is essentially the classic American style of tattooing with a modern update then you’d be right. There are a few things that can distinguish a neo-traditional style tattoo from a traditional tattoo, but the most obvious difference is that neo-traditional tattoos feature depth and dimension instead of a flat image. And when it comes to a Scorpio, traditional with some extra depth is pretty much them in a nutshell.

4 Sagittarius – New School

Although the name might make you think this is a tattooing style that was just invented, the new school tattooing style began gaining popularity in the 1980s. The style is an intriguing blend of classic tattoo looks with some exaggerated illustrations and colored in with ultra bright and fun pops of color.

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It comes as no surprise that this style is a great match for any fun-loving and energetic Sagittarius. And while real life or low key subjects can look very cool in the new school style, the style also lends itself especially well to images that are cartoonish and fantastical.

3 Capricorn – Tribal

The popularity of tribal style tattoos has ebbed and flowed over the past few decades, but for the Capricorn signs who love tradition there is truly nothing more traditional than a tribal style tattoo. These geometric black ink tattoos go back to the very roots of tattooing, and the tattoos were originally meant to be incredibly symbolic. The motif has been used in modern tattooing to the point where a lot of the original meaning and beauty behind it has been lost, but if you want a tattoo that embraces and is representative of tattooing in it’s purest form then this is the obvious choice. Of course, anyone choosing this style should be sure to pay homage to tradition, without appropriating.

2 Aquarius – Watercolor

Aquarians are truly the artists of the zodiac, so it should come as no surprise that the perfect matching tattoo style for this sign is the watercolor style of tattooing. This style is relatively new on the tattoo art scene, but it is an unusual and beautiful enough style that it’s clearly going to have a lot of staying power. As you might suspect, the watercolor style literally emulates the appearance of watercolor paints on paper, and this soft and dreamy looking technique can really work for any tattoo concept, and will leave you looking like you have a fine art painting on your body.

1 Pisces – Japanese

When it comes to tattoo art styles that suit the signs of the zodiac, the interesting blend of classical and artistic design elements that compose the Japanese tattoo art style make it a pretty perfect match for the fluid and artistic Pisces. The Japanese style of tattoo work, called Irezumi in its native language, is a distinctive and unique style that has developed over centuries of tattoo work in Japan. Legit Japanese style tattoos can only be done by a specialist, and even the ink that is used for the tattoos is a unique formula that give it its distinctive look.

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