Which Crude S*x Act You Are Likely To Enjoy, Based on Your Zodiac

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According to those versed in astrology, each zodiac sign has a s*xual fantasy that borders on the crude and depraved. You may have kept this desire secret even from yourself but it’s all about to get uncovered! Read on to find out more …

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A kinky game of horsey. Aries’ interest in power isn’t limited to the domestic and work-related aspects of their lives. They also want domination in the bedroom and according to the classic astrology book, “S*xual Astrology,” this often manifests in a “kinky game of horsey.” Aries women especially apparently enjoy climbing on their partner’s back wearing heels with spurs and wielding a rope to be used as a reign!

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Shower me with your love. Taurus is turned on by their partner’s natural smells and gets off on the natural pheromones released by the body. Taken to its depth, this makes Taurus a good candidate for enjoying golden showers or being into coprophilia in which fecal matter is used during s*x. Now that’s kinky!

Building a s*x toy collection. Multitasking Gemini enjoys the challenge of using a range of s*x toys and rating the experience at the same time. Not considered the kinkiest sign of the zodiac, including toys and gadgets into their s*xual encounters keeps s*x interesting and a challenge.

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Call me “daddy.” Cancer is unlikely to be forthcoming about their s*xual desires because it’s taboo and they know it. Cancer gets off on incestuous role play, say astrologers, which could be anything from their partners wearing diapers to calling their partner “daddy,” but they probably won’t admit it.

The star of the bedroom. Leos have the versatility to play both the dominant and the submissive but enjoy being in control. This is where they shine and Leo’s fantasies revolve around being the “star” of the bedroom, complete with lights, special effects, and even costumes!

Punish me, baby. Virgo may be largely considered to be somewhat prudish but that is exactly where their crude desire lies. They want to be punished and enjoy kinks like cuckolding/”cuckqueaning” in which they have to watch their partner enjoy s*x with someone else.

Hours of foreplay. Libra’s s*xual desires aren’t that kinky as theirs is the sign of partnership. What they enjoy, however, are marathon foreplay sessions that last for hours, and reciprocity when it comes to giving – think 69 and taking turns on top!

Make sure you establish a safe word. Scorpio loves to inflict pain and role play with this zodiac could get a little dangerous! Scorpio enjoys BDSM fantasies and it pays to have a safe word established from the get-go.

Sagittarius another name for polyamory. When it comes to s*x, Sagittarius likes variety. Most of the fun is in the chase for Sagittarius, say astrologers, which means by the time they are ready to hit skins, they are ready for something new. This makes having more than one partner an exciting proposition.

The Punisher. Capricorn is another zodiac sign that gets s*xually excited from playing with dominance and submission. Kinky-as -they-come Capricorn is likely to want all the paraphernalia of punishment including paddles and gags, and to enjoy an*l s*x as a way to inflict pain on their partners.

The s*x researcher. Aquarius is into experimentation and while most are content to play with things like food during foreplay, there are those who aren’t beyond electric shock and torture chambers, just out of curiosity. According to astrologers, they may even keep a journal about the outcomes of their s*xual experiments!

The s*xual martyr. If martyrdom was a fetish, that would be what Pisces gets off on. Pisces’ s*xual game, say astrologers, involves giving to the point where their partners are completely dependent on them for the fulfillment of their s*xual desires.

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