We Ranked The ( Zodiac Signs ) Who Are Most To Least Sympathetic In A Relationship ( His And Hers ) !!!

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It is almost April, which means Spring is right around the corner with blooming flowers, warmer sun, and much more colorful clothing for our daily routines. It means there is more time for picnics and leisurely walks or hikes with your boyfriend… and pretty soon, it will be time for drive-in movies and ice cream dates, too!

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But, when it comes to your relationship, do you actually dread making plans and going out with your significant other? Do they talk down to you, make you feel bad, or just plain not care about what you’re feeling, doing or saying? Sometimes it is more subtle and they make you feel bad in less obvious ways. When it comes to relationships and the zodiac signs, they range dramatically from very sympathetic to never sympathetic when it comes to their significant other’s feelings.

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Below we ranked the zodiac signs, both men and women, who are the most to least sympathetic, specifically in a relationship. You won’t be surprised that the emotional and empathetic water signs are higher on the list (we see you Pisces and Scorpio), while the feisty and impulsive fire signs aren’t so high up there (are you surprised, Leo?).

24Pisces Girl: Empathetic, Romantic, Sensitive

The sensitive and creative Pisces girl is the most sympathetic in a relationship for many reasons. First and foremost, she is incredibly empathetic and always tries her best to understand her significant other. She will obsess over it until she understands you and, if she doesn’t understand you, she will make sure she supports you. Further, the romance she brings to the relationship will always make her partner feel reassured. Lastly, a Pisces woman is very sensitive, so she will understand how she comes off to her other half, making sure she doesn’t come off too harsh. In short, a Pisces girl is the best person to be in a relationship with. She will always work her hardest to be sympathetic to what you’re going through.

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23Scorpio Gal: Passionate Princess

A Scorpio girl is feisty, fiery, and feminine. She is one with her body in a very deep and emotional way. She is in tune with her emotions, but she doesn’t always have control of them. In a relationship, a Scorpio girl can be very jealous and possessive if she feels that strongly about someone. However, this is because she loves so fully and completely. She never wants to lose the person she is in love with and in awe of, so she is incredibly sympathetic and understanding. She wants to make you feel better, make you laugh, and be the person you go to when you are upset. She wants to lift you up and support you. She will try her best to make you the best you can be.

22Sagittarius Guy: Good Friend First

Sagittarius men are incredibly adventurous and very charismatic. They love being in a social setting; it is truly where they shine. Picture a Sagittarius guy being like the captain of the lacrosse team that plans the beach bonfire for senior night or the guy that carries his guitar everywhere and broods in a sultry way, making you think he is always mad, but he is actually really kind and sensitive once you get to know him. In a relationship, a Sagittarius man can be sympathetic with his significant other because he is a good friend to all that he knows and that foundation of a friendship is what helps your relationship in the first place. On top of that, his carefree and social side will bring you out of your shell, too!

21Pisces Pal: Sensitive Steve

A Pisces guy is similar to that of his female counterpart: he is sensitive and empathetic when it comes to being in a committed and loving relationship with his significant other. He loves to pamper her, make her feel special, and make her feel happy. If she is sad, he will make her laugh. If she is angry, he will let her be so, yet offer support when she needs it. He always forgives her for her shortcomings, for her emotional temper, and her bad attitude (when it comes out). He is also very romantic and kind. Pisces men can be very sensitive so that sympathy can easily turn to anger if he feels hurt. Otherwise, he is one of the most sympathetic men to be within a relationship.

20Sagittarius Girl: Adventurous And Carefree, Yet Still Dedicated

A Sagittarius woman is adventurous, carefree, charismatic, and incredibly social. She loves being a good friend and understanding those close to her comes easy for her. As a friend, she can listen while she makes you laugh and make you feel better about your struggles all while getting ready for her fun night out. In a relationship, a Sagittarius girl can be sympathetic and supportive, that is if she is actually paying attention. She can get bored and careless after awhile, so even though her intentions are incredibly genuine, sometimes she can’t help but just get distracted. It is actually just a part of her. After all, she is a woman and her social life is important to her. Overall, though, she is sympathetic, understanding, and very supportive of her significant other.

19Scorpio Guy: Sympathetic But Still Possessive

A Scorpio guy has just as much passion as his female counterpart. He loves to love, adores being in love, and can’t help but shower his significant other with a ton of support, adoration, and romance. He loves planning special nights, cute dates, and even just casual nights in watching his significant other’s favorite show on Netflix. That thoughtfulness, of course, makes for a great sympathetic and genuine love. He notices when you are upset and works his hardest to make you feel better. However, the one thing he is lacking– and the reason he is not higher on this list– is that he can be very negative and possessive if he feels like your relationship is threatened or maybe if he feels like you are being unfaithful. The reassurance and sympathy goes both ways– remember that.

18Aquarius Lady: Loyal, You’re Lucky

A persuasive, willful, and determined Aquarius woman is actually a really good friend so her ability to be sympathetic is actually pretty high. However, the reason she is not higher on this list is because she can tend to get inside of her own head and become reserved for her own insecure or troubled reasons. It doesn’t have anything to do with her significant other, but it still affects their relationship. When it comes to supporting another person, you can’t just be supportive when you’re in the mood for it. There has to be a level of selflessness to it and that is hard for an Aquarius girl. Luckily, she is so loyal that she will work really hard to be supportive even when she is having her own issues and troubles.

17Capricorn Man: Stable And Patient

Capricorn men are patient and down to earth… they have a lot going for them when it comes to supporting their significant other in a sympathetic, gentle, and understanding way. We’ll be honest with you, though– it is not their imagination or their spontaneity that they have going for them, but that is okay. Their lack of adventure and creativity actually makes room for their ability to be more sympathetic when you are having a problem. They like a daily routine, constant stability, and nothing upsetting those two things. So, a committed relationship where they have to be loyal and supportive, where they have to work through something with that someone they are dedicated to, is exactly what makes for a great person to be with.

16Gemini Gal: Charismatic Best Friend

A Gemini girl is a great guy’s gal and an even better girl’s gal. She is a great friend that makes you feel comfortable, has an ease in a social setting, and loves to be around new and fresh people. However, she does have those constants in her life that she dedicated herself to no matter what. When it comes to being in a relationship, a Gemini girl is that charismatic best friend just the same. She loves supporting you, making you feel good, and allowing you to let loose. The problem with a Gemini girl, and the reason she isn’t higher on this list is that she tends to get too caught up in the charismatic social side of things and can get a bit nosy. She’ll get easily distracted with other people’s business and may have trouble at times helping you out.

15Libra Lad: Easygoing And Emotionally Centered

The peaceful, social, and protective Libra guy is super easygoing (as pictured)… he loves to be social but does not need to be. He loves to go on dates with you if you want, but he doesn’t always have to. He is fine with a night in. He also loves to be supportive and sympathetic to your problems; however, he doesn’t always pull through. He is very in tune with his emotions, no matter which way they go. Here in lies the problem. He could be very much in tune with you and your relationship one day. Then, another day, he could be feeling negative and sarcastic; this will surely come out on you. He may turn inconsiderate. He may be unemotional and lack a complete understanding of your feelings.

14Capricorn Cutie: Responsible For Your Feelings

A Capricorn girl is similar to her Capricorn male counterpart in the sense that she is practical, patient, and down to earth. She loves her routine and really does not like anyone going against it or changing it on her last minute. Don’t make plans with her and cancel the day of. Do not decide that you’re going to take the subway across town to a club when you told her you’d go out for a few glasses of wine at the wine bar across the street. She won’t be happy. However, in a relationship, she is capable of being more understanding. Her responsibility as a person is important to her because she likes that stability and consistency. So, as a significant other, she will be responsible for your feelings and love taking care of you, being understanding, and being the person you turn to.

13Aquarius Lad: Determined To Be Dedicated

An Aquarius guy is really determined in every part of his life. He loves to professionally challenge himself and dedicate his time and energy to getting promoted and impressing his bosses. Socially, even though he can be reserved at times, he does love to be there for his friends and spend time with them. In a relationship, the Aquarius guy is determined to be dedicated to you. The problem is that actions speak louder than words– and intentions. He is capable of being indecisive, unreliable, and unpredictable. So this could turn out to be bad for you if he decides to change his mind or tempt his other feelings, whatever they may be. He’ll try his hardest to be sympathetic, but also just simply will not always know how to be, either.

12Libra Girl: Peaceful, For The Most Part

A Libra girl loves to be peaceful and easygoing. She likes to be social, on her own terms. She is a good friend when she wants to be, but will only be as good of a friend to you as you are to her. It is that plain and simple. In a relationship, a Libra girl is peaceful for the most part; however, her insecurities and her quick tendency to go on the defense will land her in hot water at times. She can be sympathetic unless it comes to her significant other having a problem with her. She will have a hard time staying peaceful. She will want to defend herself, protect herself, and put down others in the process. She can be inconsiderate, to say the least.

11Gemini Gent: Worried About That Rep

In a similar way, a Gemini guy is very kind, wants to support you and be there for you, and loves to be out and about with you on his arm. That social guy, similar to a Sagittarius, is the one you see planning parties at the beach or rallying for you to get pumped up at the senior football game. The problem with a Gemini guy is that he has an ego– or he can have one. It’s that social thing. So, in a relationship, he’ll have a hard time being sympathetic. There may be times he is too worried about his reputation, his partying, or the good time he wants to have. He’ll try his best to be there and understand, but sometimes he just won’t be able to.

10Virgo Gal: Judgmental Judy

Virgo women are practical and sensible. They never make a decision they aren’t sure of, either, because they are always cautious and realistic. Socially, a Virgo women is mostly an introvert. The trick here is that you think she is super shy– and she is– but little do you know she is also judging you while you have fun, while you’re being outgoing, and while you sometimes make impulsive and foolish decisions. See, Virgo women are incredibly critical of those around them. In a relationship, she will be just the same, so she really has a hard time being sympathetic. She won’t understand you if your decisions are impulsive or if you’re extroverted, so it will be hard for her not to judge in general.

9Taurus Lady: Strong Opinions

A Taurus girl is similar to her grounded fellow Earth sign, Virgo, in that she is smart, sensible, and practical. Her head is not in the clouds; she is realistic with everything she does, says, and thinks. Her strong disposition is intimidating but also admirable. In a relationship, a Taurus woman will often clash with her significant other. This is because she has strong opinions and will have a difficult time understanding anyone else’s opinions. She does try to, but it is too hard for her if other’s thoughts are not similar to hers. This is why it is hard for her to be sympathetic to you. Try to remind her that your opinions will not always be the same and that that is okay. Find a way to compromise.

8Virgo Man: High Confidence And Low Understanding

Virgo men are similar to their female counterparts… they are practical, cautious, sensible, rational in their thoughts and actions, and incredibly judgmental! That’s right, men can be judgmental, too, and they definitely are, whether they will ever admit it or not. They have a high confidence because they make the right decisions all the time (in their minds, anyway) and they have a hard time being sympathetic because of this two-fold disposition: critical yet righteous. It is a bad combo. In a relationship, they’ll give good advice all while judging you, being critical of your mishaps, and making tiny and sarcastic jokes about them months afterward. Sympathy is not his forte; however, at least they are patient with you and your terribly bad decisions! Right?

7Taurus Man: Bad Temper And Bad Sympathy

Taurus men are also critical. They are, however, great pillars to those around them. They always have great advice, a joke to make you feel better, or a few kind words to take the pain away. They are strong and never show their weakness. This can be stubborn, but the strong disposition does come easy to them. In a relationship, a Taurus man is thoughtful, loving, and kind but only up to a certain extent. His anger and bad temper will be a big issue in your relationship. He can’t be sympathetic or understanding because he has strong opinions (like his female counterpart) and that bad temper. He’ll apologize profusely after your fights and you’ll think he may never act that way again, but he will. Sympathy is hard for him; it is what it is.

6Aries Guy: Selfish And Unsympathetic

Aries by design are very bold, feisty, and independent. They are one of the three fire signs so it is a complete understatement that they are fiery in their personality. Socially, an Aries man has a hard time making friends because he can be a bit rude with his opinions and his cockiness. His friends will choose to be kind and deal with him, but he won’t see that and he’ll still be his annoying self. In a relationship, you can guess (and be right) that he has a terribly hard time being sympathetic. He’ll try because he cares about you, but ultimately it won’t come to fruition or become of anything. Luckily he is enthusiastic and ambitious about you and his relationship with you, so at least you have that going for you.

5Cancer Guy: Too Selfish To Be Understanding

Cancers are water signs, so they are very emotional and sensitive similar to their Scorpio and Pisces water sign partners. A Cancer, however, is this times a thousand. They can be incredibly selfish and manipulative within their strong emotion, too. You’ll attract to him at first because of his sensitive disposition, his ability to connect with you, and how much he craves adventure. It’ll be a great honeymoon phase, but when the going gets tough– it will be really tough to get some understanding with each other. He can’t be sympathetic or understanding to your feelings even when he wants to because he is too worried about his own feelings. It is a harsh reality but you’ll have to find other ways around this as a couple to succeed.

4Aries Girl: Too Independent To Know Better

This one is hard because an Aries girl does have the capabilities to be sympathetic, to be loving, and to be understanding of your feelings. In a friendship, she wants to understand. She will listen to you and try to help you feel better, try to improve your relationship. It won’t last, though, because she is just too independent to really put the effort in 100{4ac6d267e8027f1885d17f2d01dbfdc00057615c2ca138f65fd481e5968c3412}. It’s just who she is. In a relationship, it is very similar. She’ll try to be a good listener, but she isn’t in tune with her own emotions enough to improve anything within your relationship. Sympathy isn’t her forte, however, she will be enthusiastic about how she feels about you and that will propel her along for many years, maybe even an entire lifetime. Take her A for effort and let it roll off your back if you can.

3Cancer Gal: Manipulative And Insecure

Those water signs, they have a hard time controlling their emotions when it comes to any part of their lives. Socially, they can casually not sweat the small stuff in the moment and then freak out about it later. Professionally, she’ll let whatever feeling she is feeling completely take her over and distract her in her daily routine. In a relationship, a Cancer is so insecure that she needs constant reassurance and has ridiculously unrealistic expectations. Cancer women should never watch romantic comedies, that’s for sure. She will be so worried about how you feel about her, she won’t really care what you’re feeling or about what you need. She’ll manipulate the conversation to be about her and her feelings, instead. Lucky for you, she is so loving that it’ll look like she can be sympathetic. We’ll see how long that lasts.

2Leo Guy: Cocky And Too Selfish

Leos are fire signs. You know what that means… feisty, fiery, independent, and incredibly bold in so many ways. Socially, he doesn’t care what people think about him, so he’ll be a natural leader that people are either intimidated by or that people look up to. In a relationship, his temper is out of control many times and it makes your relationship hard to handle at times. This is because he needs to have control over a situation virtually all of the time. Then, if you disagree, he’ll need you to understand his opinion and won’t really care about yours. Sympathy isn’t something he can do very well. He is too confident in his own opinions and feelings. Plus, he is too worried about those own selfish opinions to worry about yours.

1Leo Lady: Too Controlling To Control It

Irony at its’ finest. Our Leo lady is at the bottom of this list because similar to her male counterpart, she cannot allow herself to lose control enough to listen to how you feel. She is too worried about herself and her own feelings to allow herself to listen to your feelings and your problems. During a disagreement, she will want you to understand her and she simply cannot see anything else until you do. She’ll fight with you until you understand or just forget about it. Nothing will be addressed and it will all just be shoved under the rug until the next argument when she brings it up again in a passive-aggressive way. Sympathy is too difficult for her to have and handle, so she just won’t.

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