Vulnerable sides of each sign of the zodiac and their “pain points”.

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The vulnerable sides of each sign of the zodiac and their “pain points”. It is much easier to recognize your strengths, but what about the weak? One way or another, but each person has a certain “pain point” that literally flashes when it comes to a vulnerable topic.

As a rule, vulnerability is precisely those moments in a person’s life that cannot be managed. It’s like the unprotected side of the personality, a character trait that is difficult to fight. Today we will tell you exactly about such characteristics of each sign of the Zodiac. Vulnerable sides of each sign of the Zodiac and their “pain points”.

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Capriciousness, mood variability. Your mood plays against you, so you should learn to see the positives in everything that surrounds you. So you can “muffle” your whims.


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Fear of loneliness. You may have had a negative experience in the past. Someone let you down or left you, so now you are afraid to trust people. Do not make this mistake! Believe that loved ones will never hurt you.


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Fear of another’s opinion. Your brain literally boils when you start thinking about the opinions of others. It keeps you from relaxing. Please try to think less! It will do you good.


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Self control You try to keep everything under control, which prevents you from enjoying life. Try to loosen the belts a little.

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Hidden self-doubt. Everyone thinks that you are too self-confident, but in fact you quite often hide your insecurity under this mask! Do not doubt your abilities.


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Self criticism and criticism of others. You are not only self-critical, but also pestered by criticizing others, which is bad for interpersonal relationships. Let everyone be yourself!


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Fear of another’s opinion. You are so afraid to let down and disappoint other people, that you literally torment yourself with the desire to achieve the perfect result. Be calm, because this is not the end of the world!

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Trust issues. This is a very difficult problem, but you need to try to start with the closest. Be more outspoken with them to pave the way for ineradicable trust.


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Lack of attention to yourself. You long to be the center of attention, so when this does not happen, you literally get depressed. Allow others to receive their portion of the attention of others. You are not on stage!


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Fear of making a mistake. This is a common fear, but it still remains quite dangerous. You become a slave to your fears, so you can not relax. Do not worry! Mistakes are needed to learn from them.


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Sensitivity, but the suppression of these emotions. You are terribly afraid to show your feelings in front of others. Even the closest people you are not able to admit to the tender, quivering feelings and experiences. If you cannot do this with words, try to express everything with deeds.


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Uncertainty about the correctness of their actions and decisions. You should not think that your every action may turn out to be wrong. Even if this turns out to be the case, you will be able to go further and not repeat such an error. Allow yourself to be a person who is sure of what he is doing.

Here they are, the vulnerable sides of the signs of the zodiac. Remember, everyone has weaknesses, but even from them you can make your strengths!

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