These 4 Zodiac Signs Just Don’t Get Humor (So Don’t Get Offended)

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So one day, you will have a funny joke that you are SO eager to share. By a stroke of luck, you’ll run into a friend, and suddenly, in the middle of some small talk, you’ll have the opportunity to tell her about this HILARIOUS joke you know.

You’ll slowly work your way up to the joke and then BAM! You’ll reach that brilliant punch line. You’ll stare at her expectantly, but she will… just stare back.

There might even be a confused look on her face. What happened?? You were SO sure this joke was PERFECT.

This is a pretty familiar scenario for those of us who have told hilarious jokes to people who just didn’t get them.

Admit it –sometimes, you think your jokes are hilarious when they’re not. But then sometimes, it’s just the other person, and they simply don’t get humor (It has to be them, right???).

The punch line somehow never hits them.

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Maybe they take what you say way too literally. Or maybe they just don’t understand your sarcasm and use of irony. Whatever the reason, these people NEVER crack a smile at jokes.

These type of people make a tough crowd at comedy shows, because no matter how hard you try to make them laugh, they simply won’t!

Some zodiac signs love to hear funny jokes and love to laugh whenever they can. Others are a bit more oblivious. It”s nothing necessarily WRONG with them, they just tend to be of the personality type to take things pretty literally. No need to take offense.

So if you think you (or a friend) are they type of person who, well, just isn’t into FUNNY stuff, keep reading to find out which zodiac signs just don’t get humor. It’s not your fault… it’s the stars.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

It can be pretty hard to get a funny joke across to a Cancer. Everyone in a room will be laughing at a joke, and she’ll be the only one with a blank expression on her face.

Her sense of humor can be pretty dry, so she doesn’t laugh at the same things that other people laugh at. She simply does not understand punch lines, and she prefers humor that is more subtle.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

A Virgo has a super methodical approach to life. She likes when things make sense and when things are analyzable.

She finds jokes to be plain confusing sometimes. Punchlines don’t make sense to her.

When someone tells her a funny joke, she will pause for a moment to think about what the joke is supposed to mean, and even then, she still won’t GET IT.


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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

A Scorpio doesn’t laugh very much. When she’s at the theater with her friends watching a funny comedy, her friends will be red in the face from laughing while she sits back and scratches her head.

She never really understands WHY people are laughing at jokes. Perhaps she just has an odd sense of humor, because she rarely ever laughs when people tell her a joke.

Maybe she takes things to personally or literally. Either way, maybe just keep things more serious and straightforward.

 Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

A Capricorn is SUPER serious. To be honest, she can be pretty stiff. She takes everything WAYYY too seriously.

If there’s a funny joke that everyone thinks is BRILLIANT and HILARIOUS, she will probably think it’s silly or incredibly immature. She never laughs. Ever.

Okay, maybe she laugh sometimes, but it’s probably at someone and not with them. (Sorry, not sorry).

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