The Zodiac Sign That’s The Love Of Your Life And The One To Stay Away From

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When you’re single, it’s easy to daydream about when you finally meet the person that is going to be, well, your person. You see happy couples all around you, from your best friend and her long-term boyfriend to random people on the subway. It’s tough to stay positive and enjoy the fact that you have all the freedom of the single lifestyle when you honestly just want someone to call your own. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fall in love.

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People always say that when you meet the person who’s the right one for you, “you’ll just know.” It sounds great but how do you know if that’s really going to happen to you? How do you know that you’re going to go on a first date that will give you tons of butterflies and will be pure magic… and that’ll be the last first date that you ever go on? Basically, how do you know who your one true love is? You can start by thinking about your zodiac sign. After all, your sign can tell you so much about yourself, you might as well use it to think about your love life. You can figure out who your dream guy is…. and who you should never, ever even think about dating. Read on to find out the zodiac sign that’s the love of your life and the one to definitely stay away from!

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24 Aquarius: The Love Of Your Life Are Sagittarius’

If you’re an Aquarius, then your dream guy is definitely a Sagittarius. Why? Because both of these zodiac signs hate being in dull situations or places. You’ll have that in common, and it’s definitely a good idea to have a lot of things in common with someone that you’re dating.

While the Aquarius isn’t as much of a travel buff as the Sagittarius is, the Sagittarius would probably inspire them to want to see more places, and they could travel together. Their relationship would be one full of fun and adventure and spontaneity. Since you hate being bored and want life to be as fun as possible, this sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Just think about how completely romantic every day would be if you had a boyfriend like this. He would absolutely be the love of your life.

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23 Aquarius: Stay Away From Taurus’


Aquarius signs don’t like when someone thinks that they’re wrong or has another opinion, and Taurus signs are notorious for being very stubborn.

So basically, these two would be horrible together and wouldn’t like each other at all. Once they met, it would be dislike at first sight, definitely not love. If you’re an Aquarius sign, then you already know that you can’t stand when people tell you that you’re wrong and that you should see things from another perspective. Just imagine how frustrating it would be if you met a guy who was a Taurus and he did the same thing. You two would never be able to get along, so it’s probably best to know that now instead of going on a truly annoying first date. You’ve been on enough of those, haven’t you?!

22 Pisces: The Love Of Your Life Are Virgos

These two signs would make an awesome match because they’re both fairly sensitive. Pisces are known for being in touch with their emotions and being cool with other people’s feelings, and Virgos are known for being shy and quiet. If these two got together, the Pisces sign would help the Virgo be more comfortable with talking about their feelings.

If you’re a Pisces, then you’ve probably heard from a lot of people that you need to chill out and get a handle on your emotions. You’ve shrugged it off because you can’t help it — this is just the way that you are. The love of your life is a Virgo sign because he’s not going to tell you anything close to that. Instead, he’ll want to hear everything that you have to say and everything that you’re feeling, and he’ll be an amazing listener and reliable partner.

21 Pisces: Stay Away From Scorpios


Pisces signs are emotional and sensitive, and Scorpio signs are full of passion and confidence. They like to be in charge and might be too much for the sensitive Pisces.

If you want someone who tells you that you need to “calm down” and stop feeling things so deeply, then sure, go ahead and date a guy who’s a Scorpio. But chances are, you don’t want to hear those things from someone, let alone someone that you’re dating and considering getting into a relationship with. Picture yourself on a first date with a Scorpio. You would probably get really upset and fast because he would be way too outgoing and too bold for you, and the whole evening would be a total disaster. It’s definitely not a match.

20 Aries: The Love Of Your Life Are Libras

If you’re an Aries sign, then start dating Libras ASAP because this is going to be the person for you.

Being an Aries means that you’re very organized and determined to do whatever you’ve set out to do. Despite your reputation for being in bad moods a lot of the time, you’re generally a really positive person. That’s good news for Libra signs because these two would make an amazing couple. Libra signs love being social and always want things to be fair. Libras don’t like to fight with anyone, so if they dated a Taurus, they would be really good at calming them down and turning their bad mood into a good one. You’ve probably figured out by now that you need someone who is going to be a calming presence in your life.

19 Aries: Stay Away From Taurus’


These two signs wouldn’t work well together because they are way too alike. They’re both stubborn, prone to bad moods, and want to be right in every situation or conversation they’re a part of.

You’re a passionate person as an Aries and the last thing that you need is to date a guy who is stubborn and tells you that he’s always right and you’re always wrong. You’re moody enough so you definitely can’t date someone who is just as moody as you are. It would be the worst idea ever. At first, if you two did try to date, you might think that things were great because you would both be passionate and that might be kind of hot. But after a while, you would realize that this guy is too much like you and that you need someone who balances you out more.

18 Taurus: The Love Of Your Life Are Virgos

At first glance, these two zodiac signs might seem like they have absolutely nothing in common. You’re a Taurus and you know that you’re stubborn. Sure, you’re probably super annoyed at hearing that because everyone asks why you’re so stubborn and hears that you’re a Taurus sign and is all, “Oh, everything makes tons of sense now.” But it’s true. You’re stubborn. Virgos are known for being shy and quiet.

But if you think about it, Taurus and Virgo would fall truly, madly, deeply in love for a good reason: they’re both logical, stable, reliable people. They would be able to commit to each other and know that the other person was dependable. You should definitely find a Virgo guy and you just might fall deeply in love with him.

17 Taurus: Stay Away From Leos

Taurus signs are stubborn, and so are Leos. But what makes them impossible in a romantic situation is the fact that Taurus signs don’t like when anything in their life changes. Leo signs are totally all about change because they thrive on having an exciting life where they are always the life of the party.

Of course, change is a part of life and it’s something that doesn’t, well, change. But you’re a Taurus sign and you can’t handle change. It’s really hard for you. It would suck to date a guy who was literally all about change and who could adapt to different things and situations very quickly and easily. You wouldn’t be able to understand each other, and that’s no way to be when you’re entering a relationship.

16 Gemini: The Love Of Your Life Are Leos

Leos and Geminis would make a great couple because Leos are so outgoing and confident and Geminis have an innate interest in learning about other people.

You’re a Gemini and you can’t help it: you’re always interested when you meet someone new. You ask them a million questions and can’t wait until you know everything that there is to know about them. This might make first dates a tiny bit awkward when you become more of an interviewer than a date, but hey, it’s okay. It’s just the way that you are and you don’t mean any harm. If you’re a Gemini and you meet a guy who’s a Libra, he would be your dream boyfriend because you would be fascinated by him. And he would be thrilled to tell you all about him. Before you two knew it, you would be in love.

15 Gemini: Stay Away From Virgos

Geminis don’t like following an organized schedule or when something is dull. Virgos, on the other hand, love schedules and routines and doing the same things all the time. At the very least, these two zodiac signs would bore each other, and they just wouldn’t get each other.

How would you feel if you dated a Virgo guy and learned how into routine and schedules and organization he is? While a Virgo is going to be an amazing boyfriend because he’s loyal and organized and will never let you down, which are things that anyone would want in a partner, he’s just not the right one for you. You’re going to be bored by his love of routine and he won’t get why you’re so free-spirited. It just won’t work.

14 Cancer: The Love Of Your Life Are Pisces’

These two signs are very much in touch with their feelings and would fall hard for each other and be able to really enjoy the experience of falling in love.

Being a Cancer sign, you know that you’re a homebody, and that would be perfect because when you’re in the beginning of a relationship, who wants to leave the house?! You just want to cuddle on the couch with the person that you like so, so much and watch movies and eat junk food. Nothing sounds better. A Pisces guy is your absolute perfect match because he’ll be sweet and romantic and make every date even more amazing than the last one. You won’t believe your good luck, and the two of you will be happy.

13 Cancer: Stay Away From Geminis

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If you’re a Cancer, the zodiac sign that you need to stay away from is definitely a Gemini. Why? Because the two of you live completely different, opposite lifestyles.

You’re a Cancer sign and that means that you’re a homebody. You like spending a lot of time at, well, home, and that’s going to remain true when you get into a relationship. It’ll be even truer because you’ll want to curl up on the couch with the great guy that you just started dating and you’ll want to do that all the time. Geminis get bored when they’re in a routine and are much more social than Cancer signs. Since they would want to go out all the time and you wouldn’t want to, it wouldn’t work out very well.

12 Leo: The Love Of Your Life Are Aquarius’

If you’re a Leo, then you know that you’re super outgoing and confident. You’re used to being the one who is in charge of every possible situation, and you’re definitely more of a leader than a follower. It would never even occur to you to be a follower. You want to be the one doing everything and making all of the decisions.

The love of your life would be an Aquarius sign. Sometimes they’re really quiet and other times, they’re the life of the party. That would be really good for you because sometimes, you can be way too conceited and want too much attention. If you were with an Aquarius, their quiet nature would balance you out. And if they were in a more outgoing mood, it would be good for you to share the spotlight.

11 Leo: Stay Away From Pisces’

If you’re a Leo, then you definitely need to stay away from a Pisces. You two would never work in a romantic situation because Leo signs wouldn’t be able to handle your personality. Specifically, they wouldn’t be able to handle how emotional, gentle, and sensitive you are.

If there’s one major thing to know about Leos, it’s that they have pretty big personalities. They need to be the center of attention at all times and they wouldn’t be able to deal with you. The two of you would basically be a disaster. It would be clear from the very first date that you two have nothing in common and that you just can’t get along, let alone start something up. This is the zodiac sign that you should stay away from for sure.

10 Virgo: The Love Of Your Life Are Aries’

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They say that opposites attract, and that just might be the case here.

Virgos are on the shy and quiet side and enjoy reading, cleaning, and following a routine. Aries can be moody but are also super passionate. These two signs would be good for each other and balance each other out. Being a Virgo sign, you’re more on the practical side of the personality spectrum, and you’ve probably wished that you had a bit more fun and excitement in your life. Sure, you love your books and sticking close to home and hanging out with the people that you’re comfortable around. But you might want to do a bit more. With an Aries sign, your life would be filled with passion, and it would be a truly amazing experience.

9 Virgo: Stay Away From Leos

Virgos and Leos would be a horrible match. Virgos are shy, quiet, and logical people, whereas Leos are outgoing and, well, out there. They just wouldn’t get each other because they have totally opposite personalities.

Yes, on some level opposites do attract, just like the popular saying goes. But can you really see yourself dating someone who is so opposite from you? Sure, you might say yes in theory, but in reality, it would be a totally different story. You don’t do well with really outgoing people since you’re just not, so you shouldn’t even think about dating a Leo. You should stay away from this guy for sure and think about dating literally any other zodiac sign. It would be a much better idea.

8 Libra: The Love Of Your Life Are Pisces’

These two signs would understand each other since they’re both friendly and social and fairly emotional and sensitive.

If you’re a Libra sign, you have more in common with a Pisces than you might even realize. You’re both interesting because although being so sensitive might make it seem like you want to stay home all the time and not be around other people, you’re actually pretty social. You enjoy being around people and you like talking to them and getting to know them. The Pisces guy is the love of your life because he’ll be similar enough to you that you’ll have stuff in common, but he’ll be a bit more emotional, and that’ll be good for you. It’s always good to have a partner who can talk about how they’re feeling and what’s going on.

7 Libra: Stay Away From Taurus’

Taurus signs are stubborn and compromise isn’t something that they’ve figured out how to do, nor do they ever want to. That’s a problem for Libra signs, who are all about keeping the peace and helping others.

You’re a social person and really like being around others and hearing what their stories and experiences are. You’re not going to like dating a Taurus guy because they haven’t learned the art of the compromise yet. They think that they’re right all the time and they won’t change their mind about anything. Since you’ve got such a warm, gentle heart and personality, that’s not going to be great for you, and before you know it, you’ll be super frustrated. This is no way to start, let alone sustain, a relationship.

6 Scorpio: The Love Of Your Life Are Leos

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These two signs want to have fun and adventure. They’re both very outgoing and would have a good time together no matter what they were doing.

Yup, the Leo guy is definitely the one for you if you’re a Scorpio. You would be a great match for his confidence and outgoing personality and you wouldn’t think that he was too much to deal with. In fact, you would find his personality super charming and attractive. He would be the love of your life and you wouldn’t be able to believe your luck. If you’ve always dreamed of falling in love and feeling like you couldn’t even believe how much your life had changed because you now had this great guy in it, this is the guy that you’ve been thinking about.

5 Scorpio: Stay Away From Virgos

Scorpios are fun-loving and outgoing and want to have adventures, and that goes for their love life, too. They wouldn’t understand how Virgos can be such intellectual, shy, quiet people.

When you’re thinking about the person that you want to be with, you really have to consider your personality and lifestyle. It’s not great if you’re all about going out all the time and meeting new people and having new experiences… and your partner would rather stay home and binge-watch something. It’s not impossible to date someone who is different from you, of course, and couples make it work all the time. But as a Scorpio, a Virgo isn’t going to be your perfect match, and you two just won’t get along very well, let alone fall deeply and hopelessly in love.

4 Sagittarius: The Love Of Your Life Are Libras

If you’re a Sagittarius, you love feeling free and you’re definitely more of a travel buff than a homebody. The idea of being home a lot and just chilling out and relaxing totally freaks you out. You get that other people love that but not you. You want to go out and have fun and travel as much as you can.

You would get along really well with a Libra sign, which is why a Libra guy is the one for you and the person that you should keep an eye out for. Libras are really awesome because they care about others deeply and always want to keep the peace in any given situation. You both have more of a gentle, hippie-ish personality and would balance each other out.

3 Sagittarius: Stay Away From Cancers

These two signs are total opposites… and not the good kind that attracts and are a great match. Nope. It’s just not a good idea for you to date a guy who’s a Cancer sign if you’re a Sagittarius.

How come? Well, Sagittarius signs love to travel and feel free and have more of a hippie mentality. Cancer signs are homebodies. You would get bored ASAP if you started dating someone like this. Sure, you might convince yourself at first that it was totally fine and that you could stand a few nights in to relax and chill out. But after a while, you would start bugging them to get off the couch and go out, and what’s more, you would wonder why they didn’t feel the need and desire to travel as much as you. You’re just too different.

2 Capricorn: The Love Of Your Life Are Cancers

Capricorns and Cancers would be a great romantic match because they’re both essentially homebodies. While Cancers are more obvious homebodies who don’t want to tell people a lot about themselves, Capricorns love hanging out with their family and following traditions that mean a lot to them.

Just imagine how perfect it would be if you met a guy like this. Instead of wondering why you don’t want to go out and party more, he would totally get it since that’s exactly what he’s like. The two of you could cozy up at home on weekends and cook, read, watch movies, and just talk and hang out. It would be your idea of paradise and his, too. A guy who’s a Cancer sign is absolutely the love of your life.

1 Capricorn: Stay Away From Libras

Capricorn signs tend to act like they know everything about everything, and that’s not something that gentle, friendly, peaceful Libras would enjoy.

If you date a guy who’s a Libra sign, you might honestly not understand why he seems so upset with you and why the first date is such a frustrating experience for him. It’s not that you’re a jerk or anything. You’re just a bit of a know-it-all and you feel like you have a right to your own opinions… and, yeah, you’re going to say your opinions a lot. You’re just too much and too big of a personality for a Libra sign. This is the sign that you should totally stay away from… which is completely fine. Just think of it as being one step closer to finding your perfect match.

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