The Top 5 Most Laid-Back Zodiacs: Who Are They?

Staying relaxed when things start going wrong can be hard. Some can’t help but over-analyse every detail and think about the worst possible outcomes, whilst others act on impulse when, perhaps, a step back could help to give some perspective. Either way, we think we can all agree that stress and anxiety can be infectious. Luckily, calmness works in the same way and certain zodiacs are experts when it comes to helping others chill out a bit.

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The 5 Most Laid-Back Zodiac Signs

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Whatever the issue, expect these 5 zodiac signs to stay calm and collected. While some of their approaches to situations may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, each of these zodiacs are adept, in their own way, at lightening the mood when tension rises. Think you’re pretty laid-back? Verify your suspicions and find out now if your zodiac makes our top 5 list of the easiest-going zodiacs.


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