The most beautiful day of your life: This is how your perfect wedding will be, according to your zodiac sign.

Ornate and pompous? Or simple and traditional? Everyone understands something else by his idea of ​​the most beautiful day of his life. Your zodiac sign knows exactly what your wedding should look like so that you will celebrate your love fulfilled.


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For this unique event, you need a very special environment that reflects your open-minded and enterprising nature. You need something new and fresh.

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A magical place that will enchant you and your loved ones. A tropical island or a beach wedding is perfect for that.

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BULL (APRIL 21 – MAY 20)

This one day will be the most important in your whole life – you know that and therefore you will spare no expense and effort to make it unforgettable. You have always dreamed of a romantic wedding that will go down in history books.

A haunted estate surrounded by ivy and a large ballroom decorated with flowers exactly match your ideas.

TWINS (MAY 21 – JUNE 21)

Immediately after the marriage vow, the glasses are raised and you and your dream partner will celebrate the party of the century. Can anyone remember it tomorrow ?!

Who knows, because the alcohol will flow vigorously and you will dance with your numerous friends until the morning. What a night!


What use is pomp and glitter to you if the most important thing for you are friends, family and of course your soon-to-be husband? A family and cozy party in the green is all you want.

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You do not need to brag, because this day is only about you two and in the presence of your loved ones. What more do you want?!


All you need on this wonderful day is your love for one another and the freedom of nature. Your wedding will definitely take place outside. Hippie-like you will wear light and natural dress that frees you from all the frills.

In the sunset, you will say yes and then toast your happiness with family and friends in the open air.


The special moments in life are not with many distant acquaintances, but with the dear people who are deep in your heart.

That is why your perfect wedding will take place on a small scale with your closest friends and it will be intimate and private. Just for you.


Uniqueness is the stamp that your wedding will bear. You are a real creative talent and love to give things your own touch.

That is why you will make this special day unique with your talents and leave your personal touch in everything: self-made decoration, a personal program and unique name tags for the guests will impress everyone.

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Your perfect marriage will focus on your love for one another and for nature. You love everything that connects you to her and this day will also be a tribute to her:

A celebration in a pristine grove, where the treetops are decorated with fairy lights and you are in the middle with a wreath of flowers on your head. It will be magical!


Your wedding will be casual and natural. You yourself do not like pimped or stuffy events, so it will run more freely for you than for many others.

You like to party on a farm between sheep and chickens and then invite you to modern live music for exuberant dancing.


When the day finally comes when you marry the man for life, it will go on exactly as you have always imagined him: you wear a classic A-line dress, a beautiful veil and you will be accompanied by bridesmaids wearing matching outfits.

You will dance the waltz and have a wonderful time: traditional and elegant.


You need to stand out and celebrate a wedding that stands out from the crowd. How about a themed party? A pompous masquerade ball, a pirate ceremony or a medieval ceremony are entire to your taste.

You set no limits to your excessive creativity. Your motto is: not just ordinary!


The most important thing on this day is people for you. Your love should be celebrated with all the people you really care about. That is why you will choose a place that is easily accessible to everyone.

A beautiful space with plenty of space for all your friends, good music and the best food will make your get-together perfect. To the family!

Oh, isn’t that nice ?! I can already hear them, the wedding bells. For an unforgettable day and your happiness together!

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