The ‘Fakest’ and ‘Realest’ Zodiac Signs of the Zodiac

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Have you ever noticed how fake some people are? They just don’t seem to have a single ‘real’ bone in their body, do they?

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Chances are, that person belongs to a specific group of zodiac signs. Some signs are a lot more ‘real’ than the rest and the others well, they’re generally as fake as it gets. There are 12 zodiac signs and of those 12, 6 are the ‘realest’ and the other 6 are the ‘fakest.’ Below I am going to go over which ones are which and what to expect from them.

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Aries do not go out of their way to speak to anyone, so they don’t really have time to make up fake shit. You are pretty honest from the beginning. You will tell just about anyone to fuck off given the right circumstances. No one is safe from your ‘wrath.’

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The Taurus is always going to be as open as possible. You might have a bad temper but you aren’t going to hide that temper. You are very real, and if something is bothering you, you don’t hesitate to let it be known.


Libra’s are unapologetically original. They do not like to change themselves for anyone else. They are not going to squash their creativity just so you can feel better about yourself.

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You are cunning and a bit manipulative, yes, but overall you are pretty damn real. You let people see you for who you are and if they don’t like you, you don’t force it. Once someone has earned your loyalty they have it for good and you aren’t going to lie to them.


You go above and beyond to be real with everyone in your life. You don’t like liars and cannot stand when someone withholds the truth about something. You are more than willing to call people out when need be.


You like to keep to yourself because you hate drama. As a Pisces, you are honest with the people in your circle and while you don’t like to deliver bad news you won’t lie about it. You are the one friend people know they can turn to for real advice.


You are as fake as it gets. Being a Gemini means being very conflicted. Part of you loves drama and part of you hates it. That being said, you will be as fake as you need to in order to get the ‘tea’ whether you intend to share it or not.


As a Cancer, you are far too kind and caring. You have to be fake to keep going. You are even willing to compliment others that might be making mistakes. You are nice in all the wrong ways to all the wrong people.


Leo’s are fake because they want something from the people around them. If they are mean or show their true colors people might not be as drawn to them. You might compliment someone you don’t like or even give someone something they do not deserve.


The Virgo is fake in different ways than most others. He or she will tend to criticize others and call them out on their shit but only to cover his or her own tracks. You get so caught up in making sure you are where you need to be you forget that we all travel at our own speed.


Because the Sagittarius tries too hard to be a ‘good person.’ He or she tends to get caught up in the problems before them. You might forget to do something and lie instead of owning up to it. This is not a good cycle to find yourself in the middle of.


The Aquarius is very justice oriented but how some of them go about finding it is not very honest or real. They will lie and cheat to get things situated and that is not a good thing. Aquarius’ are some of the most ‘fake’ people of the zodiac within reason.

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