The dark sides of the signs of the zodiac

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Dear friends, we are talking a lot about signs of the zodiac, about all the pleasures in their lives and positive moments. But today I decided to talk to you about such an interesting and delicate subject, like zodiac signs and sins. You can call it in any words: sins, vices, the dark side of the power of each sign of the zodiac, bad inclinations, etc. The essence of this does not change. So, let’s talk about the crimes to which representatives of different signs are most inclined. Of course, you should not take this information too seriously. However, as in any joke there is some truth, and here there is some truth, based on the real properties of each sign, so just keep this in mind.

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The main flaw is spontaneous aggression. Aries more often than others is extremely unrestrained and sharp in its manifestations. This is exactly the case when stopping the moment is easier than yourself. Therefore, the murder in the heat of passion is just what Aries is capable of more than other representatives of the signs of the zodiac. Moreover, due to the fact that Aries is completely unable to cope with his outbursts of unmotivated aggression and excessive spontaneous cruelty, it can even be understood and justified.

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The main sins are gluttony and greed. First, of all the signs of the zodiac, Taurus is most prone to gaining extra weight. Therefore, dear friends, if you have not only the Sun, but also the Moon (or the Black Moon), or a cluster of planets in Taurus, then keep this in mind. The story of Plyushkin, whose greed has passed all possible limits, in some way reminds us of our beloved Taurus. And, interacting with Taurus, remember that it is not necessary to ask him for anything: he wants – he will give everything himself, he does not want – alas.


Sin – kleptomania. In simple terms – theft. These graceful deceivers are indeed often endowed with an excellent quality called sleight of hand and no fraud. Moreover, I am absolutely sure that Sonka the Golden Pen had a Gemini sign in his horoscope. Representatives of this sign, as a rule, are always agile, mobile and long fingers, so the wallet can evaporate from your bag completely unnoticed. And the second sin is gossip. The twins are famous gossips and talkers. They like to talk about all the bad things, and their morbid curiosity knows no limits. Therefore, be very careful when you show Gemini your “skeletons in the closet” and tell the details of your personal life.

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Cancer can commit one of the most serious crimes that can only be – a crime against their relatives, against their own kind. To kill a grandfather or grandmother for an apartment is, perhaps, to Cancers. Everyone thinks that Cancer is tearful and sentimental, but believe me, in case Cancer needs something, nobody becomes as dry and cold as this sign becomes (dear friends, I have every right to say so, because . Cancer itself on a solar sign). Capricorns and Scorpios on the background of Cancer may seem like real beauties. If Cancer has harbored a grudge against you, then he will take revenge until it stops, until the enemy drops dead. But do not forget that Cancer is cowardly and does not dare to commit a crime against a strong opponent, but against a weak one can come out very easily.

a lion

Leo has three major flaws. The first is laziness. And laziness, as we know, is the mother of all vices. The second and third – gambling and alcoholism. I always say: dear friends, representatives of the signs of the zodiac, in the formation of which Neptune participates (Lions, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces), be extremely careful with alcohol and any addictions. But Lev, as a creature in whose horoscope Neptune is fallen, should be especially careful and not abused, because there is a chance to sleep in a state of complete disgrace.


The main vice of the Virgin is envy. Especially – the envy of others’ success. The second sin is pride. Virgo is always confident that she is the most correct, the most responsible, the most obligatory and practical. In general, from the point of view of interaction with the Virgin, her horse is an old torture, when a drop of water was dropped on a temechko. It seems that nothing terrible happens from one drop, but, dripping constantly, this drop drove crazy and delivered terrible torments. The same is the Virgin. It seems to be doing nothing, only grumbling over trifles, but this is what drives you crazy.


The vice of Libra is treachery and double standards. Scales better than other signs change their point of view to the opposite for their own purposes. If you mistakenly think that Libra makes a difficult choice and makes decisions with difficulty, then this is not true. It is in this sign that Saturn is exalted, so Libra inside knows very precisely what they want. However, what they want is always in the first place. And at the same time it does not matter at all what all the people around them want. This sign is extremely cunning because Libra never goes into open conflict. They do not argue with you and smile in your eyes, and quietly do everything in their own way for your eyes and at any opportunity erase you. Moreover, Libra does not suffer from remorse of conscience, they think: “Well, it’s so convenient for me, it means that I am right.”


The main sin is corruption. All sexual offenses are most often committed by people with a Scorpio sign (for example, Chikatilo). Among the Scorpions most rapists and sexual maniacs. So, dear Scorpios, keep in mind that your temperament must be kept in check. You are always very charming, charismatic and sexually attractive in their own right, but please use your advantages for good purposes.


The main sins are: excessive pride and self-righteousness, own superiority. Vanity is inherent in Sagittarius even more than Leo. Leo is so sure that he is the king of beasts, but Sagittarius loves to convince others and to violently impose his point of view on this. Sagittarius is also characterized by excesses in all directions. Sagittarius can very strongly to luxury, to power. If this person is brought to power, then the test of copper pipes Sagittarius rarely passes and becomes a politician who releases power from his hands only through his corpse. He considers himself the most intelligent, the most correct, the most authoritative. I am sure that there are only two opinions: his and the wrong. Along with the excesses of a beautiful life, it also has a craving for alcohol, for tasty food and for all sorts of other abuses.


On the cruelty and ruthlessness of Capricorns you can add legends. No wonder that a lot of tyrants, dictators (Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Genghis Khan) were born with signs of Capricorn. If Aries’ cruelty is spontaneous, then Capricorns are very often cruel in themselves. These are manifested tyrants, their tears will not soften. Lack of pity is also a Capricorn horse. If Capricorn has declared war on you, it is unlikely to ever replace his wrath with mercy. It is impossible to soften him. Capricorns can commit absolutely any crime. But if Aries and Scorpios are impulsive in their crimes, then Capricorn is extremely logical and cold.


Aquarius is often famous for being revolutionaries and anarchists. Also, these are fanatics and crazy fighters for the idea. More than others stand out aspiration for an asocial way of life. Recently at a lecture my student said: “Probably, the homeless is a story about Aquarius.” Yes, this is true, because one of the vices of this sign is a defiant way of life, and a defiant with a minus sign, because with negative features, attention is obtained much better than with your own merits. Aquarius rarely commit serious crimes, but are famous for their alcohol dependence. Aquarius also does not spare anyone, but not because of cruelty, but for convictions, for the idea. A good example is Pavlik Morozov, who pounded his own father.


Contrary to the popular belief that Pisces are good people (this is true), sometimes they can be very bloodthirsty. Fish is the quintessence and the cradle of all the above vices. On the one hand, Pisces can really be very clean, very spiritual and truly selfless, spiritual and religious people, but on the other hand, since this sign covers the zodiac, Pisces is a gutter for all 12 signs of the zodiac and their vices. Therefore, the path of Pisces is not always clear. On the one hand, Pisces can be very highly organized, and on the other hand, they can fall very low. Therefore, there can be absolutely any vices: alcoholism, gluttony, greed, cunning, lies, manipulativeness. The only thing – Pisces resort to physical violence rather seldom, because they are often afraid of the sight of blood.

That was such a frightening entertaining article. Dear friends, I repeat that you should not take this information too seriously and suspect your son, Cancer, that he will run to you with an ax as Raskolnikov to the old money-lender. However, keep in mind that you still should not bring any signs to extremes.

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