Sexuality Traits of the Zodiac Sign Taurus

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To Taurus, sex is hard work. It takes time and should do so. Taurus can still be kind of lazy in bed, wanting the partner to do most of the work. But when getting started, Taurus has a perseverance that doesn’t falter until a proper end for the act is reached and both are deeply satisfied.
Sex is something quite physical to Taurus, and uphill. A struggle of sorts. Taurus is slow to get turned on, sometimes very slow. But then the excitement lasts for long. So, a quickie is not something Taurus longs for. A “longie” would be more like it, with a lot of sweat and strain.
It might be because of all the tedious work involved that Taurus is difficult to seduce and prefers a steady partner, as well as consistent sexual habits. That goes for what is done in bed, too. And yes, except for some secluded outdoors place, the bed is it. There, sometimes Taurus gets lazy and just lies down, expecting to be well taken care of.
Taurus takes sex seriously. Well, Taurus takes most things seriously. The act might not be joyous for the partner, but probably satisfying, indeed. Like a massive workout. And there’s something kind of animalistic about Taurus sex, which many partners might find quite liberating, in spite of the solemn mood of it.
But Taurus is likely to have few partners and keeping them for long. That’s because Taurus takes quite a while before committing to anybody. They first have to get very familiar with each other and there has to be a deeply rooted affection. Otherwise Taurus just doesn’t think it’s worth it.
Still, seduction of Taurus is necessary. Otherwise nothing might happen, because Taurus is not much for taking initiatives.
Taurus is faithful because of being difficult to tempt. Of course, Taurus has the same urges as the rest of mankind, but although the appetite can be great it is slow between meals. Taurus digests for a long time.
So, don’t expect a sex life with high frequency – but one of prolonged and intense acts, with long periods of abstinence between them. They’re worth waiting for.

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