Lusty And Generous: What It’s Like To Have S*x With Each Zodiac Sign

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Even though some signs are known for being better in bed than others, every sign brings their own unique style to the bedroom.  Some are hot and spicy. while others are tender and romantic.  Still, no two are the same.  This makes the search for your perfect s*x partner all the more interesting.  Here, we highlight what it’s like to have s*x with each zodiac sign.

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Aries. Simply put, Aries are energetic. They aren’t afraid to try new things, and they’re never bored– when you’re with them you won’t be either. They are hungry and aggressive. Always willing to experiment, they will keep things interesting.

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Taurus. It’s no secret that the Taurus is romantic. They don’t rush into things and tend to take their time in bed. They prefer slow, tender and passionate. Keenly attuned with their senses, s*x will always be a very sensual and unpredictable experience.

Gemini. Ah, Gemini — these folks are seductive. They are the best at dirty talk and role play. Adventurous and curious by nature, s*x with them is a guaranteed wild ride. Be prepared for endless pleasant surprises.

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Cancer. Cancers are nurturers. S*x is an emotional experience for the Cancer, with that comes intense passion. The more comfortable they feel with you, the better the s*x. They are in tune with their own needs and the needs of their partner. They are NOT selfish lovers.

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Leo.Roar. Leos are bold. They will depend on you to bring the heat in the bedroom, but once you do they will bring it back tenfold. If you like the thrill of a challenge then you will love the Leo. They settle for nothing, but the best. Once you prove your worth, you’ll reap the s*xual rewards.

Virgo. Virgos are reserved. Despite their reticent nature, they are quick witted and they aim to please. They are keenly aware of your needs and they want you to feel pleasure. Once they are comfortable with you they are incredibly passionate and caring lovers.

Libra. Libras are erotic. They consider s*x a beautiful experience. They bring all the romance to s*x without detracting from the raw heat. Give them your all and don’t hold back, they don’t mind the challenge of figuring out what you like.

Scorpio. Scorpios are passionate. The scorpio is the most intense sign and this bleeds into their s*x lives. They can be animalistic and they like to take charge. Not afraid to get wild, they will not stop until you are extremely satisfied and begging for more.

Sagittarius. Sagittarius are fun. They are prone to indulging in experimentation in the bedroom and they like to use toys and or s*xy games. They are creative and childlike. Expect your fantasies to be implored and your s*x to be somewhat athletic.

Capricorns. Capricorns are kinky. They are masters of executing good kinky s*x. They are the reserved in the streets, but freaks in the sheets. They are not repetitive and crave excitement. Pleasing you is their mission, and they are professionals at learning their lovers needs.

Aquarius The Aquarius is innovative. They are inventive in the bedroom, and completely open minded. You never have to be afraid to share your s*xual desires with them. They need variety in the bedroom and in the partner. They are game to explore s*xual avenues with you.

Pisces. Pisces are intuitive. They are fluent in the language of the body. Because of this, they know just how to seduce you and turn you on. They can be unpredictable in their interests, but that’s what makes them exciting.

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