Love & Romance 2019 Horoscope For Every Zodiac Sign.

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Aries love horoscope 2019

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Here is what 2019 astrology predicts for Aries : As you approach the year 2019, expect electrifying Uranus to supply breakthroughs and opportunities that will liberate you from misguided vocational callings. Idealistic Neptune continues to make it apparent that what you thought would make you happy really doesn’t. Transformative Pluto offers in-depth assistance in solving problems. You have an opportunity now to follow your heart.

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Because the influence of Jupiter and Saturn will center on your second house of possessions and values, you will likely be involved in a personal inventory of sorts. From February to June 2019, your attention will be focused on all that you call yours and how you freely use it. When it comes to love, however, that also involves the things you share with your significant other.

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As the new year begins, Aries, take a hard look at your relationship. If you and your partner are dueling over “mine vs. ours” issues, make a New Year’s resolution to start working toward compromise.

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Forgiving Jupiter moves into your third house of communication at the end of June, and a nice, stimulating trine lightens your heart. If you took advantage of August’s “confession is good for the soul” timing, then you eliminated “mine vs. ours” challenges and reignited the desire of the eighth house of passion.

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If you’re looking for love, Uranus and Neptune continue to stimulate fun and excitement, so you should have plenty of chances for love. If you didn’t connect in 2016, it could be because you weren’t looking for a truly compatible partner.

This year, you would be wise to fantasize about what constitutes a kindred spirit. Jupiter will stimulate your social connections in August, but June could be the time when that special someone appears or a significant relationship begins.

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Taurus 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus and Neptune continue to breathe new vitality into your profession, perhaps already turning your life around and stimulating an unpredictable career change. Pluto creates twists and turns that you may feel are sudden, but on contemplation, you’ll find that they have been nagging you for a long time. Now, Taurus, you have to take action.

The influence of Jupiter and Saturn centers on your first house of self and your second house of income. When it comes to love, both planets encourage you and your partner to examine how self-centered you’ve both become, and point out how easy it’s been to mask your true feelings. This is especially true if 2016 brought occasional storms that pitted stability against emotion, or passion against practicality.

Jupiter makes things better by creating events that will stimulate compatibility. Saturn’s influence helps you and your partner start delivering on those promises you both once believed in. Pluto’s position in the eighth house of passion has much to do with the sexual side of your relationship, and Pluto won’t tolerate repression. Try to make the most of your improvements before August.

If you’re looking for love, Uranus enables you to start trusting your feelings. The period from February through June is a window of opportunity for a significant new relationship, one that could become permanent and profitable.

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Gemini 2019 love predictions

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus widens your horizons, and Neptune dissolves obstacles that may have blocked your development and expansion in the past. Both planets give the Twins a wisely planned, but adventurous approach.

The influence of Jupiter and Saturn centers on your twelfth house of past karma and the unconscious, where Geminis have been receiving lessons in humility and truth since March 2016. When it comes to love, you and your significant other may have undergone many changes.

Although Jupiter’s humor helps lighten heavy issues, he may have brought so much luck that you’ve wiggled out of dealing with them. Saturn prods you to better understand sensitive issues, especially those involving your fifth house of romance and your seventh house of relationships. Saturn forces you and your partner to learn to lean on each other.

If your relationship has gotten too far out of touch, perhaps you need to relate to your partner more emotionally and less mentally. By July 2019, your passion could be reignited, if only because Jupiter’s intolerance for an uninspiring relationship arouses you. By August, you should feel much better. At that point, you’ll need to concentrate on your partner’s feelings.

If you’re looking for love, you are intellectually open, but impressionable. Pluto uproots your outdated ideas and lifestyle, and thus opens the possibility of a very important and exciting relationship. You’ll be looking for and will find a more emotional and mature love.

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Cancer 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus entices you to find new directions and avenues for expression. At the threshold of 2019, Moon Children are prepared to risk a more adventurous approach — changing the status quo is easier for you.

Pluto in your sixth house of work puts your focus on your working environment. Pluto promotes the need for change, especially if you are in uncongenial surroundings or you need to regroup after an unwise career change. You begin 2019 with strength and with the ability to cope. Networking could lead to profitable new connections.

When it comes to love, the trine from Jupiter and Saturn to your seventh house of relationships makes you and your significant other feel peaceful and secure in your partnership, although a little added adventure wouldn’t hurt.

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If you end 2016 with the feeling that tension is building, perhaps you’ve gone overboard in thinking that your significant other should be everything to you. When that happens, caring has become clinging. The activation of your eighth house of passion could change the type of intimacies you share.

If you’re looking for love, an opposition to your fifth house of romance opens up what might have been limiting possibilities. You won’t be prone to get too familiar too quickly.

In 2019, something meaningful, such as a destined union or the appearance of someone that rocks your soul, could occur. As far as Neptune is concerned, this is just a wild fantasy. Nevertheless, he’ll fine-tune your intuition, and if such a person exists, you’ll know it at first sight.

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Leo 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, luck will be with you. Starting in June 2019, after Saturn pumps you up for serious moves, Pluto stimulates your talent, and your risks pay off in a very satisfying way.

Uranus and Neptune revitalize relationships, and it’s possible that this planetary duo will manifest through your partner, causing him or her to change dramatically. Lions have to continue loosening the reins of control in one way or another.

Jupiter and Saturn add to your dramatic thrust toward the world, but they create tension with your significant other. The gulf between the two of you could widen unless you are willing to be more generous and honest.

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When it comes to love, opportunities emerge through your eighth house of passion, where your intuition enables you to sense what your partner needs most. If you take care of issues early in the year, by August your love life should be running smoothly.

If you’re looking for love, Pluto in your fifth house of romance inspires you to destroy any self-made blocks as you slowly change your image. It’s time to get rid of outdated ambitions. Discard any lifestyles you’ve outgrown.

You’ll seek love in a rash pursuit of new experiences. People you meet will be exotic, different either in background or age, but equal participants in intense love affairs. The new yearcould see you attracted to a few unreliable or unavailable partners as well.

Virgo 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus and Neptune encourage you to branch out in new directions. For once in your life, you could spontaneously change jobs without thinking about security.

The transit of Jupiter and Saturn through your ninth house of personal growth promotes your new viewpoints and interests. Exciting things could happen when Jupiter transits your tenth house of career in June.

When it comes to love, Pluto inspires your fourth house of home, where Virgos need an intimate, caring environment. If you’ve had clashes with your partner, it could be that the two of you are living too close in each other’s pockets, but still missing the feel of intimacy.

Opening your expression involves looking into your strong, Aries eighth house of passion, where you combine the ability to listen with the capacity to advise, where you pay attention to your own counsel and are forceful. This is a house in which leaving some stones unturned can be beneficial, especially if you and your partner aren’t in agreement.

Virgos know how to look for the right love. In the past, when a relationship got too emotional, you would sweep it aside. This year, you are more confident, and you’ll be making time for earthy fun. In June, you’ll glow with confidence, and bonds can strengthen quickly.

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Libra 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus entices you with new pleasures and increases your daring. Pluto offers sweeping changes and provides new directions in thinking. Beginning August 2019, the outer planets work with Jupiter to bring you inspiration and luck.

When it comes to love, the aspects of Jupiter and Saturn are auspicious for Libra relationships. The strong Taurus influence adds strong passion as you merge with your partner in a natural, emotional way. This eases any recent unpleasantness or unsatisfying times.

Neptune subtly alters your union by sweeping away the ego-centered barriers that Saturn in the eighth house of passion can sometimes cause. The New Year gives you and your partner a straightforward approach and the right responses.

If you’re looking for love, short-term romances keep popping up, thanks to Uranus. You continue to run into others who aren’t ready or able to settle down. Trust Jupiter, because he can help your heart know what your mind needs.

If Saturn has been forcing you to be celibate, that should come to a temporary end in September, freeing you to pursue your romantic interests. Celibacy returns, however, in mid-October to provide much-needed rest and recuperation.

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Scorpio 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus and Neptune, known to drastically alter domestic circumstances, continue to do just that in your fourth house of home.

Saturn, in the significant seventh house of relationships from January through August, adds a profound sense of responsibility in love. Your relationship will be a focus of extremely important commitment and recommitment.

Pluto’s transit through your second house of income could help Scorpios reap monetary rewards, especially when coupled with your instinctive investment ability.

When it comes to love, Uranus could create twinges of dissatisfaction with your partner or your surroundings by causing your life to become more hectic and erratic. The extra tension makes it more likely that one person’s behavior will provoke another person’s negative response.

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Neptune, in a better position, gives you heightened sensitivity to deal with troubling issues. You may need to work on making your home the place that you and your partner consider your spiritual retreat.

Jupiter and Saturn make it possible for you and your partner to relax together by encouraging you to lighten up and not take things so seriously. The two of you should find harmony at the dawning of 2019.

If you’re looking for love, the first of the year is the best time. You are likely to be offered a strong but strange relationship that has a mysterious aura. The challenge, after August, comes from jealousy. As jealousy rears its ugly head, things could change. Maintaining your awareness will help, as will building trust.

Saturn gives you the feeling that your opportunities are limited. You may feel as if you are on the verge of taking a serious step this year. If you’ve been without a relationship for some time, you might be stimulated to seek counseling to find out why.

Sagittarius 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus and Neptune deepen your intellectual interests and ignite your creative talent. At the threshold of 2019, you’re very receptive to new theories and interests.

With Pluto in your first house of self, you know quite a bit about yourself, and you have more self-control than ever. Use your personal magnetism to your advantage. Thanks to Jupiter, luck is in your corner from February through June 2019.

When it comes to love, all your relationship houses are happily activated. As Sagittarians enter the New Year, they will leave behind old inhibitions, so the closeness you and your partner have could reach new levels.

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Jupiter is especially beneficial in June. If your relationship hasn’t been smooth, Saturn’s transit encourages you to make a serious effort to improve it or to push for a decision about whether it should continue.

Your decision may involve how and where you live, and whether the safe and familiar is what you both need at this point in your lives together. Set goals this year, because the sky is the limit.

If you’re looking for love, June’s Jupiter stimulation brings fruitful partnerships through the end of the year. A very special person could come into your life, making love feel natural and good

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Capricorn 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus and Neptune change the way you earn and use money. While the aspects made by these two planets certainly don’t ensure loss, they do point out that you’re more likely to make errors if you’re impatient or you cling to unrealistic, get-rich-quick schemes. Jupiter and Saturn will help improve conditions beginning around August 2019.

Pluto urges Capricorns to let go of old guilt and any feelings of alienation. The timing is right, because Uranus’ influence will increase your confidence and inspire optimism about the future.


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When it comes to love, the last part of 2019 may be easier than the first. Your relationships could face challenges if you and your significant other get too involved in worldly issues or adhere too rigidly to rules and regulations (the no-nonsense approach that makes love operate under a business plan). One partner has to remind the other that emotions are important, and that your union needs more passion and ease within it.

If you’re looking for love, Jupiter enlivens romance from February through June. If you let someone see your compassionate and sensitive soul, you’ll be just what he or she is looking for.

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Aquarius 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019, Uranus and Neptune ignite your interest in broadening your horizons. An exciting transit allows you to boost your originality, free yourself from old restrictions, and make progressive changes in your private environment.

Pluto continues to help you overcome your tendency to run away from unresolved problems or unsatisfactory relationships. If, however, Pluto hasn’t begun with you yet, you’ll have to begin yourself. Make dealing with this issue one of your New Year’s resolutions.

When it comes to love, Saturn in your fourth house of home increases your responsibilities, as well as the demands put on you by others. Jupiter’s benefits could help, as long as you and your partner aren’t intent on living beyond your means. Your situation should improve when Jupiter enters your fifth house of romance in June, bringing much-needed opportunities.

Until then, love blossoms, although you may need to make a little effort to maintain peace and tranquillity. If you’re looking for love, August brings love on your own terms as someone emerges who is exciting and adventurous.

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Pisces 2019 love horoscope

As you approach the year 2019 Neptune and Uranus urge you to fight for the freedom to do your own thing. Pluto radically alters your career aims, so Fishes should be prepared to swim in several career directions. Pluto provides you with the willpower to build something lasting.

When it comes to love, Jupiter and Saturn emphasize communication, but more in the mundane, verbal realm than in the intimate, unspoken realm. In your private moments, one partner needs to be more decisive, and the other less evasive, to make sure the two of you get together.

Jupiter helps harmonize this sharing relationship in June. If your union should begin to go awry, Jupiter could help improve conditions. Although your bond of love may always remain mysterious, it thrives on honest relating.

If you’re looking for love, tenderhearted Neptune, in your twelfth house of the unconscious, keeps you away from the glitter and flash as you focus on meaningful relations that will really go somewhere.

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