How To Win Him Over And How To Push Him Away, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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So you meet a guy and he’s perfect. He has these amazing eyes, a gorgeous smile, athletic physique and O.M.G., he’s asked you out. You don’t know what to do because the last time this happened, you got yourself into a (seemingly) perfect relationship and it ended up blowing up in your face. Hard. After the honeymoon phase was over, you didn’t know how to talk to him or simply get along. At first, he was all over you then one day he just stopped calling. You asked about his zodiac sign to make sure there was compatibility. He was an Aries and you’re a Leo. They’re supposed to get along. What happened?

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Don’t beat yourself up. In an ideal world, a guy would come with a dating manual with clear and precise instructions on how to attract him and, equally, how to repel him. But that’s not reality and the closest thing you have is knowing his zodiac sign. Depending on his sign, your guy will express his love nature in a different way, including his general likes and dislikes. While his sign might generally be compatible with yours, make sure you’ve covered your bases. Maybe you didn’t know that Mr. Aries didn’t like you talking to other guys but you’re just being a Leo and thought it was harmless. Boom! There goes your fire sign compatibility out the door.

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While it’s great to know how to attract him, you also need to know how to keep him and that involves knowing what can push him over the edge. There’s always something he can’t stand and that might just be his deal breaker.

24How To Win A Leo Over: Being Comfortable In The Spotlight

Wherever center stage is, that’s where you can find your Leo. He gets treated like royalty everywhere he goes and pretty much doesn’t even have to lift a finger to get anyone’s attention. After all, he is the lion of the zodiac: King of the Jungle.

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Winning him over means you’re comfortable being in the spotlight yourself and may yourself have various natural talents.

A girlfriend who can draw a crowd for herself means that together they could share the spotlight and draw an even bigger crowd.

Bonus points for unique talents. When you’re expressive and creative, he can’t help but admire you.

23How To Push A Leo Away: Criticizing Him

He’s armed with a big ego, but it’s also a fragile one. Whether you intend to or not, it doesn’t take much to push away a Leo guy. Since he’s already in tune with how people perceive him, he’s uber sensitive to criticism and won’t hesitate to write you off because of an off-hand comment you made about his hair.

You’re better off saying sorry instead of glossing it over with a compliment. He can sense insincerity better than anyone. By the way, this one will rather break up with you first to avoid the public embarrassment.

22How To Win A Sagittarius Over: Having A Case Of Wanderlust

The Sag guy is the unbridled one who loves roaming the open field. He’ll be the first to drop everything he’s doing to go on spontaneous adventures by himself or with like-minded friends. Basically, any spontaneously planned trips and he’s there.

Winning him over requires openness and a sense of adventure.

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day to two plane tickets to a foreign place you might not have even heard of before. This wild one wants to share life with you in a big, eye-opening way, so your schedule should be semi-flexible for this jet-setter.

21How To Push A Sagittarius Away: Tying Him Down

He respects other people’s personal freedom and space, so the typical Sagittarian will feel cramped if you become clingy, tell him what to do, or get hung up on his schedule. He might not even have a schedule to discuss.

If you have no desire to travel and experience different cultures, he’ll balk then want out. He won’t understand if you make him your whole life, so not having your own life and not doing fun things by yourself will definitely push him away. Don’t have a sense of humor? Then you’re likely to push him even further away.

20How To Win An Aries Over: Being Up For A Challenge

The ram of the zodiac loves a challenge. He lives for it. If you’re fond of play-fighting and friendly debates, you’ll be his number one draft pick. Want to win him over?

If you’re as fiery as he is,  you’ll catch his attention for sure.

He’ll want to test your mettle so be prepared to participate in all kinds of competition with him through sports and everything else. But if you’re winning a lot, don’t keep a tally. He can’t stand losing. Don’t be afraid to get physical in a playful way, it’s his way of showing affection towards you. He’ll want to wrestle, tickle, and make you beg him to stop.

19How To Push An Aries Away: Flirting With Other Guys

He’s not the jealous type, but he can be a tad possessive. Once this mission-oriented guy spots something he wants, he already feels like he owns it. And when that mission is you being his girlfriend, that means hands off for everyone else.

He can’t tolerate you flirting with other guys, especially those who he deems as his competition. He might even confront and pick a fight with the other guy to see who’s more qualified to be your boyfriend and obviously, he’s betting on himself. Quell his insecurity by making it clear to him that they’re just friends and nothing more.

18How To Win A Virgo Over: Being Practical

Winning this perfectionist’s heart may be the hardest task of all. His organized nature can be endearing at first, but sooner rather than later, he’ll expect the same from you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

If you live on a regimented schedule, you’re already perfect for him.

If you don’t, be prepared to show that you’re great at planning or organizing events. Be open for criticism because while he means them in the best way, he won’t hold back. If you’re into making lists and checking them twice, he’ll be right alongside you to offer advice on how to do things better. Don’t take it personally. It’s how he shows he cares.Featured Today

17How To Push A Virgo Away: Being Disorganized

As an earth sign, the Virgo guy likes to write down ideas with the intention of turning them into real, concrete things he can admire. What pushes him away is someone’s lack of follow-through and organization. Being a flake is the exact opposite of somebody a Virgo wants to settle down with.

If you’re constantly canceling plans, misplacing your keys and credit card, or say you’ll do something then forget, he’ll be super uncomfortable and go into panic mode. He’ll try to be understanding at first, but a random schedule and scattered brain will eventually push him over the edge.

16How To Win A Capricorn Over: Being The Boss Lady

The goal of the zodiac often finds himself at the top of his game because he’s willing than most to put in the work when it comes to achieving his goals. He’s mission-oriented, but unlike a fire sign, he’s patient and has no problem taking his time.

It’s no wonder he’ll appreciate someone who supports his goals and can help accelerate his climb to the top.

Try winning him over by introducing him to your network of powerful friends and business connections. He’ll be eternally grateful. If you have letters after your name or hold a top-tier title in a company, you get bonus points.

15How To Push A Capricorn Away: Lacking Ambition

Reputation, success, and achievements are truly what matters most to a Capricorn. He won’t understand someone who doesn’t have direction in life. Floating around from job to job can quickly dampen his feelings for you.

He needs to feel that his girl can hold her own whether he’s with her or not. Not having a goal and a steady job, or to not at least be working towards a degree, could make him lose interest. If you know that you’re not really hard worker or a goal getter, you’ll feed his insecurity for materializing, and he’ll have no choice but to go about his climbing the bureaucratic ladder alone.

14How To Win A Taurus Over: Giving Quality Gifts

Taurean men are bull-headed about one thing: the finer things in life. These guys are looking to enjoy life and experience everything life has to offer through his five senses.

While he also likes to give, he’s open to receiving gifts and won’t react strangely if you’re the one who initiates random acts of romance.

To win his favor, try giving him a well-crafted gift that’s built to last for years. Or taking him to his favorite restaurant and enjoying a good meal. Offer to cook him his favorite dish and he’ll be impressed if you nail it.

13How To Push A Taurus Away: Being Unreliable

The Taurus needs a sense of security in his life. He does thing by surrounding himself with trustworthy people. Simply, he dislikes anything of poor quality. This translates into a carefully selected group of people, namely his friends and romantic partner.

He’s stubborn about his standards and while he remains friendly, he will cut out unreliable people without hesitation.

Don’t lie to him, and don’t be flaky, shady, or manipulative. If he feels threatened, he won’t be able to tolerate it. If he can’t rely on you to follow through with plans and promises, he won’t want to stick around with you for the long haul.

12How To Win A Pisces Over: Being A Dreamer

The Piscean is the elusive merman of the zodiac. He’s infamously hard to track down, so if you’re into him, let him come to you and be patient. It might take him awhile.

The key to winning him over is to be prepared to connect on a soul-to-soul level and to run away with him to fantasy land.

That means he’ll want you to get in touch with your feelings and talking about your hopes and dreams.

Actively participating in deep conversations on topics like how you can save the world will impress him. The more you share, the more comfortable he’ll be around you, strengthening your bond.

11How To Push A Pisces Away: Telling Him To Be Realistic

With a tendency to be slightly unpredictable and moody, the Pisces guy wants to stay in dreamland as much as possible. Forcing him to stay in touch with the harshness of reality like sticking to a schedule and setting routines will definitely push him far, far away.

His escapist persona means he won’t be looking back, either.

If a real-life problem is too hard for him to face, he’ll just leave it alone. He may come back to it another day or not at all, depending on his mood. Forcing him to solve something immediately will just make him resent you.

10How To Win A Scorpio Over: Sharing Your Secrets

This water sign symbolizes the dangerous parts of the deep ocean where only a few would dare to swim. The key to winning him over is through conquering your fears and divulging your deepest, darkest secrets. Don’t worry, he doesn’t scare easy.

He’ll be fascinated and intrigued with seeing the darker side of your personality.

He prefers to connect on a deeper level, so don’t be shy when he’s investigating. If you are in touch with your shadow self and not afraid to bare it, display it in front of him, but only him. He’ll automatically gravitate to you and want to know more.

9How To Push A Scorpio Away: Trying To Control Him

Ironically, while the Scorpio guy has a knack for helping people through life-altering situations, he can’t seem to tolerate anyone trying to change or control him.

No matter how long he gets stuck trying to solve a problem, he doesn’t want any help.

He prefers to take the lead in each and every situation. Dare to refuse to do it his way and you’ll experience his sting. He will boil in resentment and won’t forgive your meddling easily. You’ll end up seeing his more manipulative side if you try to take over the reigns.

8How To Win A Cancer Over: Being Loyal

Cancerian men won’t readily admit it, but he’s deeply sentimental about his family and roots. You’ll notice it in the way he talks about his family and home.

The best way to know if you’re winning him over is if he invites you to meet his family over dinner, which he might do sooner than most other signs.

A Cancer can be protective of his entire family but especially of his mom and sisters, too, if he has any. He’ll take pride in his home so be prepared to compliment him on his (secret) interior decorating skills.

7How To Push A Cancer Away: Insulting His Friends and Family

His sense of security is fiercely connected to his family, friends, groups he belongs in, so critiquing any of these people will instantly push him away. However seemingly innocent the comment, he won’t be able to forgive you if you spoke about his family in an unflattering light, even if what you’re saying is true.

Generally, watch your words if you’re more blunt and honest. He doesn’t do well with insults. If you mention that the paint on his walls doesn’t really match the furniture, this sensitive crab might scuttle back and hide in his shell. Don’t expect him to invite you over ever again.

6How To Win A Libra Over: Looking Put Together

The sign of the scales should tell you that this guy cares about balance and fairness in everything. Deep down, his need to create his own yin and yang partnership, makes him crave to be part of an equal relationship.

He’s likely to merge with someone who’s got an eye for beauty and aesthetics.

If you’re cultured, refined, classy, and a natural beauty, he’ll more than likely swoon. Win him over by offering sound advice whenever he’s stuck making a difficult decision. He’ll appreciate your feedback and praise your problem-solving skills. He wants to be with someone that can support him as much when he’s down as when he’s on top of the world.

5How To Push A Libra Away: Lewd Behaviour

Libras care about beautiful things, especially beautiful ideas and maintaining harmony. He’s not into placing rules, but he expects a certain level of decorum from his significant other, especially out and about in public or in front of his friends and family. If you’re not able to keep a level head during an argument or are just downright rude, inappropriate, or childish, you can count him out.

Push him further away by obscene behavior and outright lack of manners. That’s his worst nightmare. Anyone who can’t handle herself in particular situations or who lacks a filter is a definite way of losing his interest, and fast.

4How To Win An Aquarius Over: Having A Big Social Circle

The Aquarian is casual, cool, and confident. He has an affinity with a large and varied social network, so he’ll be intrigued if you’re a social butterfly yourself. He doesn’t like snobs, so you’ll get along great if your vibe is openminded rather than selective.

They make friends easily because of their tolerance for other people’s ideas and lifestyles.

Selecting friends isn’t a long process, but they tend to be unique and offbeat. Winning him over can be as easy as finding each other in the same group activities. Ideally, he wants someone who’s a humanitarian, with a slight rebellious streak, ready to rally for causes they believe in.

3How To Push An Aquarius Away: Being Too Emotional

It’s not as if he doesn’t have any feelings, but the Aquarius guy is put off by emotionality and things getting too personal, too quickly. He’s high-minded and thinks about global warming and similar issues that affect people on the global scale, so talking about how your friend’s friend upset you is not a topic of interest for him.

He prefers to be cool, calm, and emotionally detached. So if your emotions run deep and you need to talk about your feelings all the time, he’ll still keep it friendly, but in his mind, he’s already planning an escape route.

2How To Win A Gemini Over: Using Your Wit And Humor

As with all the air signs, the Gemini guy prefers to live in his mind all day and night. He’ll want to bounce ideas around with you and talk about how they would work in real life. He’s not likely to follow through with any of these ideas, but the constant mental stimulation keeps him happy and occupied.

To win this guy over, providing him with constant feedback and input is important.

You should always have a reservoir of topics to talk about (no matter how silly they seem) and enjoy plenty of witty conversation and friendly banter.

1How To Push A Gemini Away: Not Keeping Up With Him

Slow and steady doesn’t win the race with this energizer one. His batteries are always full and he’ll keep going and going (and going), so not being able to keep up with him and even slowing his stride will eventually push him away.

As a natural multi-tasker, he’s got many things on his agenda and doesn’t have time to wallow in things. He prefers to move quickly and wants to do the next thing even when he’s not done with the first thing. If he feels held back or bored, you’ll end up pushing him away.

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