How To Create A Bug Free Mind?

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Since my last post talks about the human mind virus, this article will continue the discussion by showing how you can create A Bug Free Mind that will serve you well.

If you have signed up for other self-help courses or books before, you might have noticed this scenario… or not? You got access to very high quality training and your teachers are genuinely very successful with their accomplishments. However, after you have invested time into learning the materials, you found it hard to replicate their results or even a tiny fraction of their results. Does that ever happen to you? Also, have you ever wondered how a group of students who received the same training from the same instructor actually got different results. Think about your primary, secondary, higher education experience, or self-education journey?

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How Come??

I recently discovered the answer and I’m Excited to reveal to you! Did you know that there are four stages of competence when it comes to learning a skill? They are:

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  1. Unconscious incompetence: doesn’t know about the subject AND not aware of one’s incompetence
  2. Conscious incompetence: doesn’t know about the subject BUT aware of one’s incompetence
  3. Conscious competence: know something about the subject AND still learning to improve
  4. Unconscious competence: mastery of the subject after a LONG period of practice

Most of the people who are really great at what they do are in the “Unconscious competent” stage. In order to get to this stage, A LOT of time and experience are utilized to create “success”. Their crafts are “second nature” to them and they are able to replicate their accomplishments easily. This means that NOT every students will be able to learn successfully from their expert teachers because they are SO amazing at what they do (of course, there are exceptions). Since the students have different backgrounds and varied experiences, the students who are able to produce the experts’ achievements are the ones who ALREADY  have their intentions “set for success”.

Most people Don’t ALREADY have their mindset “set for success”. In fact, the majority of us were influenced to be in the position of “Anti-Success” and “stay where you are” mindset. When we sign up for personal development classes, if our teachers don’t know how to “close the gap” for us and we don’t know how to “create the missing ingredients” for ourselves, it is nearly impossible for us to improve. This explains why we have read many books and signed up for multiple self-help programs but still DON’T know how to get the results we desire to have. In other words, we are experiencing the “Illusion of Progress”.

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If you want to get A Different Result, you need to remove bugs, junk, garbage from your head…

Fixing The Missing Piece

If you want to create a bug free mind, you need to start with a method to help reset any unproductive way of thinking in your mind. Like I mentioned previously, if your mind is not already programmed in a way that has the intention of success, it does not matter how many courses of self-development you purchased and learned from because your mind WILL play tricks to pull you Back to your original starting place (you CAN’T install new software on a computer that is infected with viruses). You will need to develop a structured way of thinking that eliminates all things that are holding you back, in addition to improving your emotional intelligence to take back control of your own mind at will. If you can read or listen (in English language for now), you can restart your mind.

You can learn to improve your mindset through multiple ways. These ways are classified into elements, and they include Written, Video, Audio, and the Community. Each of the elements is somewhat different in their approach but they ALL work! You can use a single element and still get rid of the bugs in your mind and change your life. If you want faster results, you can combine them to immerse your brain into a deeper learning experience.

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