Astrology: 4 most unlucky zodiac signs in love

If you have too many disappointments in love, stories that end badly and sad failures, you are not what you can say a lucky person in love. You are constantly questioning yourself and the question that comes to mind is “why am I not born under a good love star? “. It is possible that you are part of the most unlucky zodiac signs, love side.

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Some people have realized that to be happy in love, it is necessary to create favorable conditions so that the relationship can last forever in the most complete happiness. Certain acts or behaviors can repel the other and cause conflicts or even  breaks . Astrology can shed much light on our character traits and is able to dissect every detail of our personality. It can also in parallel, determine our compatibility in love with others. Let’s discover the 4 signs of the zodiac that have the most trouble to have a lasting relationship.

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The sensitivity and emotions of Cancer often play tricks on her in love. Yet, he is a considerate partner and his affection is overflowing. He tries at all times to be reassuring and protective and in most cases seeks a lasting relationship that will bring him the stability he always needs in order to protect himself from the disappointments and anxiety that a rupture could generate. . But the capricious and susceptible side of the native of Cancer, forces him to create tragedies of all kinds and often uses emotional blackmail his partners. Moreover, he has an easy tear and his changing mood often causes arguments with his partners, which brings him suffering and ruptures that put him in a serious state of  depression.. This native should stop creating useless dramas and temper his plaintive and dependent character that repels the best wishes.

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Capricorn is the most pessimistic zodiac sign that only sees the dark side of life. And often in love, he meets either the right person at the wrong time or falls in love with the person who does not suit him and that’s what we can call bad luck. However, it is a native who rarely externalizes his feelings and often falls into a deep and gloomy silence from which he finds it difficult to get out. His pessimism often plays tricks in predicting in advance that his relationship will never happen under the best auspices. In order for him to grow in love, the Capricorn native should be more open-minded and more optimistic to give his relationship a chance to flourish.


Pisces is sensitive and naive and is often mischievous and in love. For this reason, his love stories often end in ruptures. And the cause is simple: it shows no strength of character and determination to protect itself. Dreamy and romantic but especially credulous, the native of  Pisces  believes in great love stories and therefore accepts what is said to him without trying to distinguish between true and false. Because of this, he is constantly disappointed and unhappy. The ideal for this native is to get off the cloud and show more maturity and realism to guard against disappointments in love.

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The main defect of the sign of Virgo is its critical side. He tends to make hasty judgments. This native does not know how to relax and often shows sarcastic cynicism that makes him uncomfortable. In love, he demands a lot from his partner and would like it to be perfect but few people will accept being misjudged and criticized. As a result, his demanding perfectionism keeps him away from others. In order for the Virgin’s nun to succeed in love, he would have to show more lightness and flexibility in his love relationships and learn to accept the other as he admires his qualities while at the same time. ignoring his faults. He must understand that the perfect does not exist.

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